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Greetings from the owner of RecommendedStuff.com. I am situated in down under Australia.  I recommend that you come down under and visit this great country, we are renowned for our great beaches.  I’d like to think the internet is a global place, so we all live in one place, ie the Earth!

So what is my website RecommendedStuff is all about you might ask? Well it is quite simple: to provide an unbiased, honest and comprehensive review on internet marketing related products to help you decide whether or not to purchase it.

My specialty is doing reviews for making money from home opportunities, otherwise known as internet marketing related products.

Why did I get involved in internet marketing?  The answer is very simple: I love it and very passionate about it. I also love helping people realise their dreams of succeeding in their online ventures, whether it’s their hobby or for financial gains.  When I first started out I had people helping me out, and even now, after more than three years doing this – I am still learning from others.

I know personally that you need the right tools and knowledge to become successful in the world of internet marketing.  Therefore, I have built this site to give you a comprehensive review on most newly released internet marketing products.  Some are good and some I found to be, well to say the least, very bad!  I will give an honest review and welcome any feedback you might have.  Just contact me by email: admin@recommendedstuff.com and I will try to respond as quickly as I can.  Success don’t come overnight, but I believe with hardwork and dedication, anyone can be successful.

To be honest with you, I love doing internet marketing because I love it! I have a passion for it and I love seeing others succeed as well. I also love my career as a scientist and will continue to do it whilst also keeping myself  up to date with the wonderful world known as the “internet”.

Well, I hope you find my site informative and I wish you all the best in your online venture.  Good luck!

By the way, feel free to leave your comment below!

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  1. kim says:

    Ok thanks for the reviews – what are you opinions on Success with Anthony Morrison and the prosper coaching site that he recommends – lets just say i spent alot of $$ with these two products and have yet to see a penny. Getting very flustrated with the whole internet marketing – really would like to find some honest and real products to use. thanks

    • Ibi Jambol says:

      Hi Kim,

      Personally, I like Success With Anthony purely because it is a “coaching” program. It is not a push button thing that will magcally make you money overnight. You will have to be dedicated and take actions from his teachings. Majority of the products I see released are actualy good, it is how you use it that will ultimately determine whether or not you make money. The end of the day, there is no short cut to making money online, you have to practice a lot until you get it right. Majority of the products sold are merely tools for your online business – it will make your daily and tedious tasks for your online business a whole lot easier. But it does not guarantee you income. Keep at it and I am sure you will start to see results. Email me (admin@recommendedstuff.com) if you have any specific questions and I will try to help you if I can. Thanks

  2. Young says:

    I purchased the twin peaks profits software for $47 and it keep on upselling stuff to me which I ended up buying some. Then after buying the last item, the page showed 404 Error and I couldn’t continue.
    I ended up paying a few hundred $ but have not been given any activation code or member access info.
    Is this not a scam?

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