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So you heard about Anytime Profits and probably thinking about buying it, right? Owing to a large number of internet marketing products being released, it is only wise that you read an honest and credible review before deciding whether or not this is for you. I have been given early access to it by Chris Moran (though I still had to pay for it) which has enabled me to write up this comprehensive Anytime profits review. I recommend you read this thoroughly and hope it helps you make the important decision of whether to buy it or not.

Product Name = Anytime Profits

Creator = Chris Moran

Price = $47

Official Site =

Release Date = 8th October 2012


Anytime Profits Review

I have just purchased Anytime Profits for the entry price of $47, which in my opinion is the average sort of price going around for similar products. So what do you get exactly after purchasing Anytime Profits? And most importantly, will it make you money?

First of all, Anytime Profits is the new version of Chris Moran’s previous product called Sonic List Builder. When Sonic List Builder came out earlier this year, everyone was raving about it, because it actually worked. I actually wrote Sonic List Builder review earlier this year. A lot of my subsrcibers were really happy about it. Anytime Profits the newer and updated version of Sonic List Builder. So if you own Sonic List Builder then you might not want to purchase Anytime Profits. Otherwise continue reading my Anytime Profits review:

Essentially, Anytime Profits is an automated system that allow you to build your very own email list. All you have to do is follow the steps within it and fill a couple of forms, then it will create your very own squeeze pages automatically on a daily basis! If you don’t know what an email list, it is about capturing people’s email address that you can market to later. It is absolutey true what people say: “the money is in the list”.

Note: This is my review page, for the official site click here.

After purchasing Anytime Profits, I was given access to the system and the snapshot of the homepage is shown below:

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As you can see above, it still have the title Sonic List Builder on it – but don’t worry it is the updated and newer version. So what are the exact steps you are required to do to start building your list with Anytime Profits? Well within the system you have to fill out four steps as shown in the snapshot below:

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I will go through them with you below:

1.  Watch the “How-to” video first

The first step is to watch an introductional high quality video that will explain in detail what Anytime Profits is all about and what sort of results to be expected. I recommend you watch this video until the end to really understand how powerful this system can be. If you don’t like watching a video, you can also download the PDF version of this step too.

2.  Get your free autoresponder account

In this section, you will be shown how to activate your free autoresponder account with GetResponse. You will need this autoresponder account to be able to capture the email for your list and also automatically send emails to them. Again, you can download the pdf format of this section.

Note: This is my review page, for the official site click here.

3.  Activate your Anytime Profits (aka Sonic List Builder V2) by entering your autoresponder code

After having activated your autoresponder account, you can retrieve the code and enter it into the system as shown below:

anytime profits snapshot5

4.  Set-up your distribution network

In my opinion, this is the crucial part in getting your squeeze pages created by Anytime Profits to be visible to the public. And the fact this step is also included when you purchase Anytime Profits is a big plus! This part basically is for you to enter your account details for free distribution sites such as YouTube, Scribed, Slideshare and more. You will be given step by step instuctions on how to sign up for free with these sites and entering it into the Anytime Profits system is very easy as filling in a form as shown below:

anytime profits snapshot6

After completing the four steps explained above, the system will automatically create professionally looking squeeze pages for you on a daily basis. Bascically a different squeeze page every day for a period of 90 days. Therefore, your list will grow over time. This will mean more profits for you!

An example of one squeeze page it generated can be seen below:

anytime profits snapshot7

Conclusion and my honest opinion

Overall, I recommend 100% for you to purchase Anytime Profits. This newly updated version of Sonic List Builder does definitely work and will make you money in the long run. It is true with what people say, the money is in the list! So build your list with Anytime Profits (aka Sonic List Builder V2). My subscribers have been raving about this product and I am sure you will also enjoy it and reaping the rewards. This newer version comes with new squeeze pages. To purchase this system, please go to the official site:

Anytime Profits Official SiteBy purchasing through my link above, you are actually supporting me to keep this website alive by allowing me to continue on writing comprehensive and honest reviews for newly released internet marketing products in the future. I thank you for your whole hearted support. Remember, if you have any questions, please post a comment below. Thank you!

3 Responses to “Anytime Profits Review – Honest Truth!”

  1. peter laufbahn says:

    i purchased any time profits and that was the last i heard from them i have emailed them several time but get no response how do i call them
    thank you

  2. Stan says:

    Sonic List Builder-I’m a Happy Customer…

    I purchased Sonic List Builder on Dec.12,2013, I was skeptical at first, simply because I have purchased many products that were a big fat let down, or simply did not work. I would have to say I have called customer service two different times,Both time I actually talked to a real person, he answered all my questions and was very nice. I went to Google and typed in Sonic List Builder customer service and got the phone number, here it is (307)212-8010. I can say that this product helps any one,especially beginners build a list, it automatically builds squeeze pages for you, and I upgraded, so with the basic package you get 90 squeeze pages, upgrade you get 180, I was personally getting anywhere from 8 to 32 optins a day. From DEC.12,2013 to today 01/27/14 I have just over 900 subscribers, this product works as stated if you follow directions, and works quite well, list size is not as important as list quality, so the secret is to learn list management extremely well. Also if you read the reviews carefully on page one of Google you may notice most of them were created by some type of software, simply because if you read the content carefully it makes no sense. This product is a very good product, especially if you are struggling to build your list.


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