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The word is out about App Empire, a revolutionary online business opportunity aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs. Although complex in its own right, the system is designed to also suit novice marketers. Hence it has generated huge interest from a variety of people around the world. Created Chad Mureta and Jonathan Cronstedt, the entry level price will be a hefty one and is currently unannouced, but with a multimillionaire portfolio potential – the investment can be seen as minimal.

A quick product overview:

Product Name = App Empire

Price = TBA (but estimated at $1000)

Product Developers = Chad Mureta and Jonathan Cronstedt

Official Release Date (available for purchase) = 1st June 2012

If you have landed on this page, then you will most likely been bombarded with the promotional emails and possibly with the presale videos. If you haven’t watched the videos showing the comprehensive background of the product, or you wish the watch the videos again – see below. Otherwise keep scrolling down to read my App Empire review.

App Empire Promo Videos

Below are the App Empire promotional videos published to date:

Video #1



Video #2


Video #3


Video #4


App Empire Review

I have been given a preview access to App Empire and currently writing a comprehensive review. I will be publishing my complete unbiased App Empire review on launch day. So please bookmark this page and come back on launch day to read my final review.

For now, I can reveal that App Empire is a complete system to build a very lucrative online business by exploiting the mobile phone apps.

So what exactly is involved with App Empire? Well, it comprises of five comprehensive steps:

  • Step 1: Comprehensive and In-Depth Training Videos
  • Step 2: Forming and Writing Up a Plan
  • Step 3: Finding the Right Resource
  • Step 4: Test Drive the Plan and Release for Exposure
  • Step 5: Use the Software for Leverage
This is my review page, to purchase App Empire please go back to the official site:
app empire official site