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This page is purely dedicated to the review of Blogging With John Chow. Blogging has been a trend for the last few years with several new blogs popping up every single day. One of the primary reason for its popularity is the easy maintenance and the monetization aspects. The fact is that everyday people are making money online by owning a blog or in same cases multiple blogs. So there is no doubt that the latest release by one of the “king of blogging” John Chow will be a popular hit. Being one of the biggest and well known blogger in the world, people will want to listen to what he has to say. Replicating his footsteps is a sure fire way to succeed online.

If you ended up on this post of mine, most likely you would of received several emails promoting Blogging With John Chow. After seeing the sales page, I bet you are curious to know what exactly is inside this product. I have just purchased this product and here is my Blogging With John Review.

Name = Blogging With John Chow

Official Website =

Price = $37

Release Date = 4th December 2012

I purchased it for a price of $37, which in my opinion is the average price for an internet marketing product. Upon completion of payment, I was given access to the member’s only area. The snapshot of the member’s area is shown below:


As you can see from the above, the layout is very simple and easy to navigate. I will tell you exactly what is inside each module and give you my honest opinion about this product. In total, there are nine modules in Blogging With John Chow. In summary it is  a step by step guide on how to set up a very successful blog which can potentially earn you thousands and even ten of thousands of dollars a month. Below are the breakdown of the modules within the program:

Module 1

The first module of Blogging With John Chow is all about preplanning and brainstorming to come up with a niche and what is exactly you want your blog to be about. This is important because you have to set your goals and achieve it in order to be successful. It includes discussion on:

  • What to write about – basically you have to determine what it is that you want to write about, preferably something that you have passion with. John will discuss some of his thoughts with regards to this.
  • Your brand – building brand is very important for long term success of your blog.

Module 3

This section of Blogging With John Chow is all about branding, ie, getting your name out there and building a good reputation. Topics covered includes:

  • Seven habits of successful bloggers.
  • When to post and how long?
  • Monitoring the blogosphere.
  • Claim your territory – I really like this section as it details the importance of “owning” your territory.
  • More on branding.

Module 4

This is where it really gets interesting and I guess having John Chow’s point of view is very valuable! The fact that John Chow is one the biggest blogger currently worldwide, what he has to say, in my opinion, is priceless. I recommend you pay special attention to this section in particular which talks about:

  • Be awesome – John Chow is the king of blogger, in this section he details what it takes to stand out and attract your targeted audience. Definitely a must read section.
  • The content kaleidescope – everything you need to know about how to have great content that could potentially go viral and bring you tons of traffic to your blog.
  • Attracting comments – although this sounds simple, many bloggers don’t pay enough attention to this. Comments are the basis of conversational engagements of your readers. When discussion are taking place on your blog, it means not only you are attracting readers, but you are also retaining them.
  • Moderating all that content.
  • Coming up with ideas when you have none – this part really striked a chord with me as I can personally relate to this a lot. When you are a blogger, coming up with fresh ideas consistently can be very challenging. With John Chow’s tip you will unlock the knowledge that will make coming up with fresh and new ideas a breeze when it comes to blogging.

Module 5

This section is all about list building. The importance of having an email list is paramount when it comes to repeat business and having a consistent and reliable source of online income. With John Chow’s way of blogging, you will know the best way of setting up the following:

  • First, the bribe – this is where John talks about the best free offers to entice people opting into your list.
  • Provide valuable information regularly.
  • Call them to action – this part details how you would go about in getting your subscribers to take action.
  • Strategies to build your list.
  • How to create a squeeze page in ten minutes.

Module 6

This section will tell you the best way to take advantage of your blog’s popularity and make money from it, obviously the exciting part for most people! This module of Blogging With John Chow will tell you to monetize from your blog by:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Other forms of advertising.
  • Ads for Amazon products.
  • Defining and charging for ad slots.
  • Making money with Adsense.

Module 7

This part tells you how to “share” your blog’s content to retain visitors and keeping them up to date, for example:

  • RSS feeds.
  • Social media.
  • Connecting with other bloggers.
  • Keyword research.

Module 8

This covers all aspects of “future proofing” your blog and all about getting traffic to your site (including SEO). Topics discussed includes:

  • Panda and Penguin updates.
  • Linking strategies.
  • Link baiting.
  • Deep linking.
  • Adwords traffic and article marketing.

Module 9

This is about managing your blog site:

  • Google analytics.
  • Google alerts and social media monitoring.

Blogging With John Chow: 30 day Action Plan

Within the member’s area, you will be able to view John Chow’s action plan that you should seriously follow in order to make sure you are progressing well and heading in the right direction. With a lot of content, it is easy to get overwhelmed and lose track, which makes this action plan very important to utilize.


You see, there is a lot of content inside Blogging With John Chow. I personally think that of you are serious about making money online then you have to purchase Blogging With John Chow, without a doubt. Coming from a man who is one of the King of blogging, you will assured that his advice is very valuable and somewhat rare to get. Overall, I fully recommend you purchase it as it will no doubt improve your blogging skills tremendously, whilst increase your online earnings immensely. I found his teachings is perfect for those who wants long term and consistent income from blogging. Rmember, this is only my review page, to purchase Blogging With John Chow – go to the official site:

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