Cash Triggers Review – Does It Work?

Hi guys and welcome to my site dedicated to Cash Triggers review. This newly released product is created by a guy named Andrew X. Is Cash Triggers any good? I will be telling you my honest opinion on it below and will leave you to decide whether or not to purchase it. When I first built my website which I called, I wanted to help other budding internet marketers just like yourself by providing honest internet marketing product reviews. Hopefully you find it useful and spread the word! Like I said, at the end of the review, I will either recommend it or not. Anyways, keep scrolling down to read my Cash Triggers review…

Product Name = Cash Triggers

Creator = Andrew X

Official Site =

Cost = $39

Release Date = 16th October 2012


Cash Triggers Review

I purchased Cash Triggers for a price of $39. Once you purchase it, you will get access to the member’s only area that looks like this:

cash triggers header


As you can see, it looks very simple – it consists of a welcome video and several tabs along the top of the page. To be honest with you I was NOT impressed at all with the page, it looks simple and the content is VERY simple. Not only that I find that there were way too many other offers that you will be bombarded with within the member’s area. I really mean it, every page that you view within the members will have a banner of some sort trying to entice you to buy other products. It is very annoying. Sorry about me rambling, but I had to be honest with you..  Now, back to doing the review, once you hit the home tab at the top of the screen, you will see the steps as shown in the snapshot below:

cash triggers snapshot3

Basically, Cash Triggers will tell you how to make money using Pinterest with affiliate offers. You will also receive a downloadable software to help you with it.

Is the instructions any good? In my opinion, a big fat NO! They are too simple and shouldn’t cost you $39! It should be free, you can probably get it for free on the internet! So don’t waste your money on it.

Is the software any good? Again, in my opinion – it is OK but I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Conclusion and my honest opinion

Overall, I DO NOT recommend Cash Triggers. Simply because I think the information it gives does not warrant you to part your money with. The software is in fact another program that are sold else where and is not an original software. But, then again, it is only my opinion. If you stil decide to purchase cash Triggers, then please go the official website: But if I were you, DO NOT BUY IT! You have been warned! This is only a few of the products that I think is a waste of money! Instead, I want to recommend you to a better product called Commission Infusion, which you can realistically make you money with a bit of effort. You can read my Commission Infusion review here.

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