Clickbank Rockstar Review


If you are at this page, then you are asking the question: is Clickbank Rockstar by Lee Ford worth the money? Or is it another one of those scam from someone who is just trying to make a buck. Well, you can be the judge after reading my clickbank rockstar review.

Clickbank Rockstar launches on August 3, 2011. But you might be asking: “Will it do what it says it’ll do? Will it make me money like it promises? How can it actually help me? and how is it different from other programs on the market?”

According to the software’s author, the software is capable of generating $$$$ pretty much straightaway! Even more a complete beginner. That is a very big claim, in fact a very big claim! Sounds phony? Sounds like a scam? If he makes this much why is he selling the program? I have been fortunate enough to trial this program prior to the release, and I will tell you what I think about it below, obviously without giving away its secret, that is the deal I had with the author in giving me the opportunity to test the product out before its release.

OK, read the following paragraphs carefully – as I reveal the content of ClickBank Rockstar:

Before you read on, Clickbank Rockstar of course refer to making money with Clickbank. If you don’t know what Clickbank is, then you have to read about clickbank before proceeding. Clickbank is basically a marketplace where affiliate markerters get paid commission for every product they sell. Now, read on…

If you were to purchase the product – this is what you’ll get:

1. First sale – basic membership ($47)

You will get access to a custom affiliate site builder. I found this tool to be very easy to use. This amazing little tool allows anyone (no matter their experience or skills) to create themselves a “ready to make money” website within mere seconds and a few mouse clicks. All you have to do is enter a few basic pieces of info and insert your Clickbank nickname – that’s seriously all it takes.

What I really like about the access to this site builder, is you DO NOT have to pay for hosting or even domain name registration – which is required for your website – this is all included in the access privillages. With the purchased access, you will get a dedicated server for Clickbank Rockstar members.

So not only do you get FREE hosting and a FREE domain. But you also get your site set up for you – so they don’t have to worry about FTP or any of that sort of thing.

Another included feature included in the members area is a FREE autoresponder account!

Clickbank Rockstar has a built in autoresponder system (which comes loaded with pre written and fully customized promo emails for each and every member). These emails get sent out automatically as well…… so it really is as simple as it gets.

Now as you know…

A website is only as good as the amount of traffic it receives.

For this Clickbank Rockstar provides there are 2 traffic getting methods:

Passive & Instant

With the instant method, you will be shown how to start driving traffic from the major search engines in under 60 minutes – which you’re obviously going to love.

The passive method takes a little bit longer to get going – but when the traffic starts coming, the results are amazing.

Access with the basic membership above, costing $47, will get you going and you will see results starting to trickle in.


Now, the author of Clickbank Rockstar, will offer you to upgrade the basic membership to the following upsells, which at first I found to be annoying – but later find it to be a very good investment:

2. UPSELL 1 ($47)

Access to a stealth traffic method that you can use to drive traffic to your site or affiliate link of their choice in under 60 minutes – and no – this is not the same as the first method which is covered in the basic membership.

3. UPSELL 2 ($47)

Access to a personalised Pay Per Click method, now before you say it doesn’t work anymore.. it still works by using this personlised method.

The author claimed that it is the same method he uses to make over $2 Million with.

4. UPSELL 3 ($147)

Personal 8 week 1 on 1 coaching provided by the actual author.

Not only this will provide great training, but also the mentoring and coaching support.

You will get the author’s personal email and various other contact details such as Skype, instant messenger etc.

You will also get access to the VIP forum – which the author personally moderate and participate in on a daily basis.

So there you are, like I promised you, a complete rundown of the product: Clickbank Rockstar. I will leave it up to you to make an informed decision whether to purchase Clickbank Rockstar or not. But I personally recommend that you do.


OK, I was lucky enough to have access to Clickbank Rockstar (with the additional two upsells, minus the coaching bit) – and later tested it using a couple of clickbank products. After setting up my website through Clickbank Rockstar and applying the additional methods, I started to see results within a few days. I have decided to show a snapshot of my clickbank account after applying the methods shown by Clickbank Rockstar for 4 days:


As you can see from my clickbank account, after testing it out for four days I did see some results. At first it was only a few hundred, but then it kept growing in the next few days. I am kinda excited to see how big my income grows next week!

Well, I searched high and low about the author of Clickbank Rockstar and I couldn’t find any dirt on him. Whether if you choose to believe him or not the fact is Clickbank offer 100% moneyback gurantee so he’s not going to run off into the distance with your cold hard cash. So, trying out Click Conspiracy would be a RISK-FREE choice…

Overall I do recommend purchasing Clickbank Rockstar by Lee Ford. It is suitable for beginner and intermediate levels of internet marketers. The only thing I disliked about it, was the fact the author asks for more money to reveal the traffic generation methods and access to the squeeze pages. This is where I can help out immensely by giving away 5 free bonuses if you purchase Clickbank Rockstar through my link below. The FREE bonuses I will be giving away will save you money and will fit in very nicely with Clickbank Rockstar. The mega bonuses is only available if you purchase it through my link below (the link will take you to the official site of Clickbank Rockstar):

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