Commission Cash Code Review

Commission Cash Code

Welcome to my Commission Cash Code review page and I hope it will help you decide whether or not to purchase Commission Cash Code. A quick glance at the product:

Product Name = Commission Cash Code 

Official website =

Creator = Ronnie M.

Price = $23 (discounted after exiting page)

Launch date = 11th June 2012

Commission Cash Code Review:

If you have landed on my page here because you been bombarded with emails promoting the product called Commission Cash Code, created by Ronnie M. Also, you are here because you are looking for an honest and unbiased review. Well you have come to the right place.

So what exactly is Commission Cash Code?

Commission Cash Code is a web based application that allows you to create and build a targeted and therefore very profitable email list. What makes Commission Cash Code so special is that the software has the ability to make your email list building process viral. That means you can build a massive list really quickly and effortlessly. Another unique feature is that the program involves the use of Facebook to collect the details of your potential customers. Therefore you will get REAL details of people that you can make a lot of profit from owing to the targeted nature. By collecting real details of people, you will be able to promote stuff to the list and make repeatable profit from. That is essentially what the concept of Commission Cash Code is all about.

Note: This is my review page, for the official site go to

I bought Commission Cash Code for $43 and in my opinion worth the initial investment. Below is a snapshot of the member’s area to prove my review is genuine:


As you can see from the above snapshot, the member’s area is well laid out and very easy to navigate. The program has a STEP BY STEP guide on how to utilize all the resources available in the member’s area.

The first thing you will see inside the member’s area is a welcome video from the creator, explaining briefly what Commission Cash Code is all about. The part of the program is a detailed STEP BY STEP training area, delivered both in video and also available in pdf documents for people that prefer reading over watching videos. A snapshot of the pdf document can be seen below:


The steps involved to creating your “cash code sites” are:

1.  Watch welcome video: this is important to get an overall overview of what Commission Cash Code is all about.

2.  Getting a FREE website: this section tells you how to set up your “cash code” site, you will be shown how to get a free             website up and running. You can obviously choose to use your current websites.

3.  Traffic Amplifier: this is a very important one hour long video on how to generate free traffic to your cash code sites.

4.  Crazy Traffic Method: this section reveals how you can get even more traffic to your sites for just $1 !

5.  Get coaching and mentoring from a multi-millionaire.

Inside the member’s area you will also get access to a one hour long webinar, which in my opinion is very helpful to make the most of Commission Cash Code.

Note: This is my review page, for the official site go to

Are there any upsells?

Yes. In total there are three upsells. All are very useful to maximize your profits when using Commission Cash Code. I bought the first upsell and absolutely recommend everyone that purchase Commission Cash Code do the same. The other two upsells, in my opinion are not really neccesary but will fast track your earnings very quickly.

Upsell #1 (highly recommended): Unlimited Cash Codes

The first upsell, is unlimited Commission Cash Codes. I was told that this is only for a limited time as long as bandwidth permits expansion. It is a FREE desktop software that will generate you unlimited “cash codes” that will help you rank very high on Google. This upsell is highly recommended, as the exposure will fast track you to earn money online.

Upsell #2 (optional): 50 Niche Websites

This upsell is primarily aim for beginners who does not have any html progamming experience. This upsell will provide you 50 highly optimized niche websites that are ready to create your list fast and ultimately make you money consitently in the long run.

Upsell #3 (optional): Viral Video Velocity

Only purchase this upsell if you have enough money to spend. This upsell will allow your sites to become viral with the aid of videos. Making it viral will see your optin list soar in numbers really quickly.

Conclusion and My Honest Opinion:

Overall, I recommend Commission Cash Code and also strongly suggest you purchase the first upsell. The other two upsells, in my opinion are optional, but will yield you better results. The fact that it involves Facebook means that the traffic source is plentiful. Because people are opting in from their Facebook accounts, you are actually collecting real details that you can promote targeted offers time and time again. To purchase Commission Cash Code, please go to the official site:

Commission Cash Code Official Site

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