Commission Robotics Review – Exact Truth!

When it comes to making money online, automation is the key to improve overall efficiency. Therefore, the release of Commission Robotics by Chris Moran will definitely raise interest from people in the internet marketing field. It has no doubt raises my interest. As usual, I have purchased an early access to Commission Robotics and here is my review. I take pride in providing with a concise yet very informative and honest review on newly released internet marketing products.

Name = Commission Robotics

Official Website =

Creator = Chris Moran

Price = TBA

Release Date = 3rd December 2012

So what is it all about? Read my review from start to end to find out…

When I purchased it, I was given access to the members area shown below:



Commission Robotics is all about generating traffic to your website, whilst at the same time building backlinks. So there is no doubt that it can be very helpful to incease the number of visitors to your site, as well as improving your site’s visibility by improving SEO. As you can see from the above snapshot, the layout of the member’s area is pretty simple to navigate.

You simply enter your website details and the web based software will automatically create quality content and videos that will point back towards your site. Therefore generating traffic and builiding backlinks at the same time. The whole idea is to make your video/content viral via several social media sites and therefore expose it to a bigger audience.

Conclusion and My Honest Opinion

Personally, I recommend Commission Robotics to beginners ONLY but definitely not for the advanced internet marketers (the ones that already has an email list for the internet marketing niche. The reason why I recommend it to beginners is that it will provide valuable backlinks for your website and in turn will improve your Google rankings. When I tried this out, it created a lot of backlinks from such as Scribed and other social media sites. Which boosted my page rankings. The fact that it creates content and backlinks automatically is worth the money paid for Commission Robotics, which saves me a lot of time and eliminates all the tedious tasks related to creating content and videos. This is my review site, to purchase Commission Robotics please go to the official site:

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  1. Thank you for your awesome review. I hope this product helps me.

  2. Akh says:

    Hi Jambol

    Do you have any Idea about Mobile App Marketing. How do one will get benefit of this robot for Mobile Marketing.


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