Commission Shops Review – Honest Truth

Welcome to my Commission Shops review, a newly released product created by Josh Vacek and Tom Geller.  Is it a scam? Or does it really deliver its promises.  Well, you have come to the right place to find out more about Commision Shops before you commit to purchasing it.

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The product at a glance:

Product Name = Commission Shops

Creators = Josh Vacek and Tom Geller

Price = TBA

Release Date = 1st May 2012

Commission Shops Review:


As usual, as soon as the product is released tomorrow, I will be puchasing it and within a couple of hours write an honest review.  The review will be based on what I see as soon as I enter the member’s area and navigating through it for a couple of hours.  From my years of experience in the field of internet marketing, I will write my honest opinion about Commission Shops.  My subscribers have always asked me.. are these products genuine or a complete scam.  Despite what a lot of people are saying, 90% of these products actually works.  But you do have to put in a bit of effort, the way I look at it the products are merely a ‘tool’ or resources that you can use to automate (or at least semiautomate) your tedious task, eg. content grabbing.  They are not ‘push-button’ softwares that will make you a millionaire overnight.  This type of softwares do not exist.  But if you are willing to put in a bit of effort, then you will reap the reward.

So far this is what I know about the product (as outlined by the product creators):

Commission Shops is an amazing web-based application that creates multiples high converting affiliate sites/shops, automatically drives traffic to those sites and makes sales on autopilot.

Here are what Commission Shops application can do exactly:

  1. It automatically obtain popular products from Clickbank and Amazon to create web based ‘shops’ for your chosen keywords.
  2. It automatically grabs contents that are relevant to the your website that is promoting the products.
  3. Automatically generates unique contents to bring traffic/backlinks to your shops/sites.
  4. Automatically builds up an internal linking network which can make traffic to your shops go viral.

Anyways, please bookmark this page for my personal review (available on lauch day) where you will find my complete comprehensive and unbiased Commission Shops review.

This page have been updated, please go to my >>>>> Commission Shops review <<<<<

Or, you can go straight to the official site >>>>> <<<<<