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As always, I am back doing yet another review. This time it’s for a product called Digi Traffic Generator created by Andy Fletcher. Is Digi Traffic Generator a scam? or is it the real deal? I got a sneak preview of Digi Traffic Generator kindly from the man himself and here is the low down of what it is. By the time you are reading this post, you probably received an email or two promoting this particular product. I hope you find my Digi Traffic Generator review information below helpful in helping you decide whether or not the software is right for you. A quick overview of the product:

Name = Digi Traffic Generator                                     Creator = Andy Fletcher

Official Website = www.DigiTrafficGenerator.com     Entry Price = TBA

Release Date = 13th November 2012

Essentially, Digi Traffic Generator is a software for generating valuable backlinks for your chosen site. We all know how important backlinks are for SEO. To put it quite simply, the higher a site ranks in the search engine, the more traffic it receives and subsequently more money in your pocket! This particular software is very different to similar ones out there because it is created with Google’s Panda and Penguin updates and therefore completely “white-hat” in the eyes of Google. Continue reading to find out more…

So what exactly is inside the software and how does it function? Firstly, the software interface is relative simple looking but yet very powerful. Below is a snapshot of the software’s interface:

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The software is very easy to use and therefore newbie friendly. But don’t be fooled by it’s simplicity, in my opinion it is very powerful when it comes to creating valuable backlinks. 

There are three simple steps to complete to ensure you get maximum amount of valuable backlinks pointing towards your chosen site:

1.  Create Accounts

This part enables you to automatically create 500+ accounts. the really cool feature of this section is that you don’t need to manually confirm the created accounts, unlike some other similar products out there. You simply enter your IMAP server email address, eg. Gmail, Yahoo etc and the Digi Traffic Generator software will create and auto-confirm more than 500 new accounts. This whole automated process will take about an hour. Basically you fill out the required details, hit generate and come back after about one hour.

digitrafficgenerator snapshot2 

2.  Post Bookmarks

You simply enter the required details, ie. URL, title and description and the software will automatically spin your       articles and post it to 400 social bookmarking sites. If you haven’t already knew, social signals plays a big part in boosting your site’s ranking. I have personally tried this and boosted a page of mine to first page within 24 hours. Of course, there are other factors that affects your site’s ranking, eg. how competitive your keyword is. But overall, you will see your rankings improve with the help of social signals created automatically by Digi Traffic Generator.

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3.  Post Articles

Similarly to posting bookmarks, this feature submits your article to dozens of article directories that will, again, provide valuable backlinks to your chosen site. Digi Traffic Generator will spin your article automatically to make sure each article submitted is somewhat unique.

That is all to it in getting backlinks with Digi Traffic Generator. But you do need to remember that after hitting “submit” bookmarks and articles; it will take about an hour for the software to create all the backlinks. So you do need to be patient, but it is automatic and a hands off process.  

Benefits of Digi Traffic Generator:

  • 400 social bookmarking sites and dozens of article directories
  • Fully downloadable desktop software:  so they can be used on any websites, not just word-press powered ones
  • Penguin-beating SEO:  The site types are specially selected to work post-Penguin so your subscribers will see better results than ever before
  • Full process automation:  account sign-up, e-mail confirmation and captcha breaking are all dealt with automatically

Conclusion and My Honest Opinion

Overall, I definitely recommend Digi Traffic Generator to help you improve your website pages ranking for specific keywords. But if you already got authority sites, then you might only see slight improvement. This is ideal for new websites, poorly ranked sites and definitely good for ranking youtube videos. The social signals created by Digi Traffic Generator is my favourite as I have seen improvement in the test runs I did. Hopefully you found this Digi Traffic Generator review helpful and if you decide to purchase it, please go to the official site:

Digi Traffic Generator Official Site

Note: By purhasing it through my link above, you are actually helping me by fund my website by allowing me to continue reviewing future internet marketing products for the benefit of others. I thank you for your support!

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