Easy Binary Income Review – Does It Work?

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This time around I received a promotional offer for Easy Binary Income. As usual, I got a lot of requests from my subscribers to do a comprehensive Easy Binary Income review. As always, I will oblige! The main reason why I have set up this website is to help all of budding internet marketers out there. The way I help is to purchase the recently released internet marketing products and write an honest review about it. At the end of every review I will summarize what I think about it and more importantly whether or not I would recommend to anyone. That way, you will be informed about the product and will know exactly what you will be getting. As I have told my subscribers, in case you are not a subscriber yet, please sign up using the form on the right hand side of this page, these products are just a tool for making money online. It basically makes it easier for you to earn money online, but don’t expect it to be a push button miracle software that will make you a millionaire overnight.

Product Name = Easy Binary Income

Official Website = www.EasyBinaryIncome.com

Price = $77

Creators = Steven Lee Jones and Ben S.

Release Date = 29th October 2012

Easy Binary Income Review

I purchased Easy Binary Income for a price of $77. This is slightly higher than the usual price that I normally pay for an internet marketing product. With a slightly high price tag, I do expect it to be of higher quality. First of all this particular product is one of the first true software purely dedicated to the Binary options space. Now for those who don’t know, Binary options are high risk financial instruments where a prediction is made regarding the price of an asset at a certain period of the day. The predictions made, relate to very small price modifications, which are extremely hard to predict, hence the high risk factor. But with high risk, the return of investment can be very lucrative. So will Easy Binary Income make you money? Well keep on reading my Easy Binary Income review…

In simple terms, when you purchase Easy Binary Income – you will be receiving access to an awesome software that allows you to trade binary options with great cofidence because it highlights the ones that are most likely to be profitable trades. It is as simple as that, people sometimes refer binary options as “all or nothing” trading. That is, you place your investment and upon trade completion – you either profit and get the payout or you lose everything. Experts agree that the Easy Binary Income has around 75% – 85% chance of winning/profiting. In my opinion, this is definitely the best probability of winning I have seen for the Binary options trading space. I will still need to test this out, but looking from the layout of the software, it does look promising.

I took a quick snapshot of the software in action, see below:

easy binary income snapshot1

A quick summary of how to potentially profit from using the Easy Binary Income software:

  • Simply look at the current trends for each available binary options at any given time
  • Select the ones that gave positive signals (recommended trades)
  • Enter your investment amount (as shown in the snapshot below)
  • After trade has closed, collect your winnings!


easy binary income snapshot2


Now, one of the biggest advantage that this software will give you is the ability to automate the process. Also, you don’t have to worry about “manually analysing” each trade as the Easy Binary Income software will have built in algorithm to predict the winning trades. So therefore the advantages of using this software is:

  • No manual trade analysis
  • No need to understand the complex trading charts
  • Owing to its automated process, you won’t miss the profitable trades
  • No time wasted sitting in front of your computers to monitor trade trends

Sure, if you are an experienced and expert binary options trader then you probably don’t need this software (though it will still help you automate the process). Otherwise, if you are a beginner or intermediate investment trader (like myself) than you will need this Easy Binary Income software if you are serious in making money with trading Binary options.

Another quick summary of the strong points that the software has:

  • The software can be purchased with a one-off relatively low fee
  • Relatively high accuracy (one of the highest winning rates in the trading industry)
  • Very easy to use and follow, making it very ideal for beginners and intermediates alike

Conclusion and My Honest Opinion

Overall, I definitely recommend Easy Binary Income for people who are serious into making money with trading Binary options.  The high accuracy quoted by the experts ( 75%-85%) is very attractive, although in my opinion the true accuracy, as mentioned in some sites, is closer to 70%. But believe me, in the trading world, a 70% chance of winning is VERY high. I am sure you agree with me on this one, imagine if I say to you : “you have a 70% chance of winning something” – would you invest your money in it? How much you invest obviously depends on how much you can afford. But I recommend you start small and risk more once you have the confidence. If you are purchasing Easy Binary Income, then I have an awesome FREE BONUS that will compliment Easy Binary Income by giving you more sources of income (see bottom of page for more details). This FREE BONUS is only available to those who purchase Easy Binary Income through my link below:

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20 Responses to “Easy Binary Income Review – Does It Work?”

  1. Monica says:

    This looks like Binary Wealth Bot which I purchased. These products are being rehashed with different names.

    • Ibi Jambol says:

      Hi Monica,
      You are correct, most internet gurus definitely recycle some products and give it another name. Hence I didn’t even bother reviewing Binary Wealth Bot, which was released after Easy Binary Income. By the way, is Binary Wealth Bot any good? Your thoughts are welcomed. Thanks, Ibi

      • martin says:

        hello is the Easy Binary Income one vollautomatiche software or singnalgeber and it works really

        and has anyone experience with the Wealth Binary Bot
        does he?

        greetings Martin


  2. martin says:

    hello is the Easy Binary Income one vollautomatiche software or singnalgeber and it works really

    and has anyone experience with the Wealth Binary Bot
    does he?

    greetings Martin

    ( martin.roethel@live.de)

  3. Sydney says:

    Hi Monica, I’m glad I found someone else who bought the Binary wealth bot. Howz it working for you because my trades are about 40% profit which makes my stomach turn every time I make a trade…

    Waiting anxiously for your response!!!

  4. adeza says:

    I have tried Binary Wealthbot but not yet get what I want maybe wrong in enter point

  5. KB says:

    Can you use this software, easy binary income, with my choice of brokers, or must I use a specific broker?

  6. Kosotie says:

    Hi, thinking of buying this via your link. But, I wonder first, how much is minimum you have to deposit in your trading account? Does this work on a Mac too? Is it possible to withdraw my money to my PayPal account?
    What is minimum amount to start trading with (5.10..)

    • Ibi Jambol says:

      Hi Kosotie,
      Thanks for stopping by my review site. To answer your questions to the best of my knowledge:
      1) The minimum deposit required depends on the trading broker you join, the one recommended by the program itself requires at least $200 to be deposited. Most brokers require $200. I heard that some only need $100 or $150 but most popular ones are $200.
      2) This software does not work on Mac directly, but you can bypass this by running it on “virtual PC” on your Mac. Not sure if you’re familiar with this or not?
      3) The broker account i got lets me trade as little as $10.

      PS let me know how you went.

  7. nivaldo says:

    hello my name nivaldo and would like to know how you use the easy binary, time configuration, rules for success?

  8. adewale says:

    Please can you fund my account with $100, this is the amount i can afford, but the recommended broker minimum deposit is $250, but I do not that amount. So can I fund with sometimes less than $250

  9. adewale says:

    also how long have you started using the software and how much have you earn so far

  10. adewale says:

    also which broker account allows you trade as little as $10.

  11. Hi! Do you know if they make any plugins to assist with SEO?
    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good gains.
    If you know of any please share. Many thanks!

  12. Heather says:

    Ibi Jambol, you are a disgrace posing as a legitimate reviewer. You vanish after nivaldo’s question on April 2013 at 6:30, only to never reappear ? You’re a fraud and a big fat joke!

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