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Hello and welcome to my site. For those who have visited my site before will know what it’s all about, for those who are here for the first time let me give a quick introduction. My site is all about giving the readers an honest review for newly released internet marketing products, to help them decide whether or not to invest in it. At the bottom of the page, I will reveal my honest opinions and whether or not I recommend the product. But ultimately, it is up to you to decide for yourself. Today I will be reviewing a brand new product called Easy Insta Income by Jani G which promises to make you money by utilizing a website called Instagram.

Note: This is my personal review, if you’re looking for the official site please click here —> EasyInstaIncome.com


The concept of Easy Insta Income

Basically, Easy Insta Income is a program that shows you step-by-step on how to make money from a photo sharing site called Instagram. For those who don’t know what Instagram is (don’t worry I didn’t know about the site either before finding out about Easy Insta Income), it is a photo sharing site that has more than 50 million active users a month with millions of pictures shared every single day! Mind boggling isn’t it, but then again when it come to social media sites, there shouldn’t be a surprise to many. Just like Facebook and Twitter are dominating the internet, this site is fast becoming another highly popular social media site. As you all know, highly popular sites means tons of traffic source for you to tap into and make money from! This is why I am already excited about the concept of Easy Insta Income, in that a huge traffic source that a relatively unfamiliar site brings means very little competition.


What exactly is inside the Easy Insta Income member’s area?

I have just purchased Easy Insta Income, and below is a quick snapshot of the member’s area:


 insta income members area

Easy Insta Income: member’s area

As you can see from the above snapshot, the member’s area is clean and straight to the point. This is somewhat refreshing from other products that I have reviewed in the past, where I’ve seen some member’s area to be cluttered with other offers which can be annoying especially after just paying for the main product. Once you’re inside the member’s area, you will have access to the step by step videos on how Jani himself earn more than $5000 a month by spending only half an hour a day on the site called Instagram.

Here are some more snapshots within the member’s area:

easy insta income snapshot1


Another snapshot:

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Basically, there are 4 modules within the member’s area:

MODULE 1 (Learning the basics and understanding the system)

In this module, you will get access to seven videos on how the entire system works and how you will able to generate a decent income from it if utilized properly. The videos will cover:

  • Setting your goals
  • Course overview
  • Creating our own Instagram account
  • Understanding how CPA offers works and relevant networks
  • Setting up your Instagram account
  • Following other users to your advantage
  • Closing summary of all the above points

MODULE 2 (Setting up your income funnels)

Once you are familiar with the concept covered in Module 1, you will go to the next step on how to et up your income funnels. The videos in Module 2 will cover the following:

  • Setting up your sales funnel
  • Guide on best domain name selection
  • Getting your website ready
  • Getting accepted on CPA networks

MODULE 3 (Generating traffic)

Once your sales funnel are ready, you simply need traffic to start generating money. this section covers what you need to start sucking traffic from Instagram back to your money site.

MODULE 4 (Automating the process)

I particular like this part of Easy Insta Income. You will be shown on how to set up your business on pretty much autopilot. I advise that you pay particular attention to this module as it will fast track you to getting your commissions by multiplying your efforts. It will cover areas such as:

  • Using Bluestacks
  • Creating a profitable Instagram profile (great idea in my opinion!)
  • Promoting offers #1
  • Promoting offers #2
  • Redirection procedure
  • Profitable following
  • Using proven advertisement copies by Jani
  • Botstagram


Once you purchase Easy Insta Income, you will be offered a one time offer which although will set you back a little more, I highly recommend. I don’t often recommend upsells, but this particular one is good particular for beginners.  The one time offer sale once you purchase the main product is webinar recording on the exact campaigns that Jani uses himself, this is priceless in my opinion, you then simply copy and profit!

The webinar covers the following:

  • How to build a 100,000 list from Instagram: build a profitable email list of 100,000 in quick time!
  • How to go from $100 per day to $1000 per day blueprint: Jani uncovers some loopholes of Instagram that will multiply your income instantly. I found this to be a handy surprise, if utilized properly – it has the potential to unlock a lucrative income source.



Overall, I recommend Easy Insta Income for anybody, including beginners and intermediates. The concept is brand new and personally, I haven’t seen any other guides on how to make money from Instagram. So if I were you, I suggest you grab this offer before the market becomes saturated. There is some work to be done though when setting up your profiles and understanding the whole CPA network thing, setting up your landing page etc etc, but once it is set up it will be ready to generate you money. My advise is to take your time in watching all of the videos within the member’s area to really familiarize yourself with the system. I have been successful with making money from Facebook in the past, but it is getting harder nowadays with market saturation. But Instagram is somewhat relative unknown to many out there, yet it gets millions of views everything single day. This can only mean a lucrative opportunity for those who take action NOW. That ends my review and I thank you for taking the tie to read what I have to say with regards to Easy Insta Income. I also want to add that you get a 60 days no question asked money guarantee, so nothing to lose! To purchase Easy Insta Income, please click on the link below:


Go to the official Easy Insta Income site


By purchasing through the link above, you are supporting me to keep this website alive and I personally like to thank you for your kind support.

 Official Site = EasyInstaIncome.com



2 Responses to “Easy Insta Income Review – An Inside Look..”

  1. Shariff says:

    I got a couple of questions before making any decision.
    Qu# 1: What is the cost of OTO?
    Qu# 2: Will the 60 days Money Guarantee include the OTO purchase too?

    Thanks and regds

    • Ibi Jambol says:

      Hi Shariff,
      Thanks for taking the time to visit my site. The answers to your questions are:
      #1: I purchased the OTO for $77, but I heard from someone that there has been a price change.
      #2: Yes, the money back guarantee does include the OTO purchase.


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