Empower Network Review – Actual Truth Behind The Hype!

Hello hello! Firstly, I want to thank you for visiting this page of mine and as the title says….. it is all about finding the truth behind one of the most popular network around, that is EMPOWER NETWORK.

Now, as most of you know… I am all about honesty. People have been asking me: “Ibi, are you a member of Empower Network?”.. my answer is: YOU BET! and I am proud of it. So a lot of you will say.. “then wouldn’t your review be bias?”… my answer is: yes a little I guess, but there’ a good reason why. See the video below and read the rest of this post.

Unlike other reviews of Empower Network, I’m not just going to splash my affiliate links all over this page in hoping you join under me, though I would love for you to join my team as I am serious about helping my team members make money, period!

What I have decided to do was be as transparent as I can, leaving nothing behind. If you still have questions, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of this page. 

Anyways, first up, watch my video walk through of Empower Network’s back office below:

As you can see from the above video, Empower Network is a viral blogging system with incredible training incorporated into the closed network.

What you get access to, depends on the purchased membership levels..

To simplify things, there are 5 levels of membership within Empower Network, I have also summarized the list of stuff included within each level….

Basic Viral Blogging System ($25/month)

  • Your own viral blog (sub-domain) that is optimized to promote Empower Network, so you simply enter a post to engage potential customers
  • Having a sub-domain within Empower Network.com will instantly give you page authority and should give you better chance of ranking organically
  • 8 Core Trainings

Inner Circle ($100/month)

  • Intensive training for people that wants to achieve a four figure monthly income… realistically

Costa Rica Intensive ($500 one off payment)

15k Per Month Formula ($1000 one off payment)

Master’s Course ($3500 one off payment)


To be honest with you, it is probably the best network to join for many reasons, but mainly because of the lucrative 100% commission structure and top notch training on offer. But, I must stress out… whether or not you’re going to be successful with Empower Network strongly depends on your SPONSOR!! I keep reminding people, who you join under makes a BIG DIFFERENCE! So choose your sponsor carefully..  This is where I will be a little bias and ask you to JOIN ME and the Prosperity team. I will personally help you see success. Because with Empower Network, if people under me makes money, I also make money.. so if you are successful, then I will also be successful. So hence why it is to my best interest that i look after you and mentor/coach you along the way. Hopefully my Empower Network review has been helpful to you.


If you are ready to join me and start making money…

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