FB Ad Clone Review – Full Preview

FB Ad Clone will be released in about a week’s time, so I want to give the heads up to my loyal subscriber. This time I have got early access to the product and wish to share everything I know about it. Is FB Ad CLone a scam? With any internet marketing products promising to make you money, I suggest you read my FB Ad Clone review to help you decide whether this particular product is for you. A very quick product overview is written below.

Product Name = FB Ad Clone

Price = TBA

Official Site = www.FBAdClone.com

Creator = Tim Atkinson

Release Date = 5th July 2012

FB Ad Clone Review:

I have the privilege to gain early access to this particular software product and here is my honest review.

Note: This is my review page, for the official site go to: www.FBAdClone.com

So what is FB Ad Clone all about? Well the concept is the ability of the software to search and find you already very profitable Facebook ads and simply copy it and thus duplicating its success. This will potentially make you easy money in your pocket.

After logging into the members area, this is what you’ll see:


As you can see above, the member’s area is well laid out and easy to navigate. Before you dive in and access the FB Ad Clone software within the member’s area, I strongly suggest you go through the training provided step by step to really maximize your earning potential.

The training on what FB Ad Clone is all about and how to actually use the software to make money is relatively easy. The training are delivered in document and video formats. It includes a step by step guide on how to set everything up such as:

  1. Setting up FB advertising account: This simply shows you how to set up a Facebook advertising account.
  2. FB Ad Platform overview: a thorough walkthrough of the advertising platform.
  3. FB Ads to external URLs: This is showing how to link your FB ads to external URLs. This is a very important step as it links to our affiliate offers.
  4. FB Ads to fanpages: This section shows you how to direct your FB ads to the fanpages. It will also show you how to set up a fanpage with hundres of thousands of fans and thus making more money very quickly!
  5. FB Core training: This shows you the ins and outs of Facebook.

Note: This is my review page, for the official site go to: www.FBAdClone.com

The last training module is the FB Ad Clone Software training: This obviously shows you exactly how to use FB Ad Clone software. In my opinion, this is the most powerful feature of the product, the ability of the software to pretty much retrieve everything you need within a few clicks of the mouse.


The most powerful feature of FB Ad Clone is the awesome software. Below is the snapshot of the dashboard within the software:


As you can see, the software is very powerful, you will be able to do multi tasking very easily via the dashboard shown above.


To be honest, I was very impressed with FB Ad Clone. The navigation within the members area is very easy to follow and suitable for even complete beginners. Its ability to track your ad in great detail is impressive and will let you maximize your online profit. We all know how popular Facebook is, now is the time to cash on the success. Will FB Ad Clone make you money? In my opinion, YES! To purchase FB Clone Ad, you will need to go to the official site:

 ——–> www.FBAdClone.com <——–

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