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Hello and welcome to my page dedicated to Flip Siphon Pro review. You probably landed on my page because you have just been offered this product by Michael D. As always, what I do is actually purchase this particular product and then write a comprehensive review to show you exactly what you will get if you buy Flip Siphon Pro. A lot of my subscribers, and I am sure you do too, want to know what’s inside the member’s area so you know what you are actually buying. To be honest, people don’t mind buying something as long as it helps them make money online. So without further ado, just scroll down a little to read my FlipSiphonPro review…

Product Name = FlipSiphonPro

Official Site = www.FlipSiphonPro.com

Price = $37 (upon exiting the sales page)

Creator = Michael D.

Release Date = 11th October 2012


Flip Siphon Pro Review

I have just purchased Flip Siphon Pro for $37 (discounted price upon exiting), so don’t forget to get the discounted by exiting the sales page and the offer will come up – then hit stay on page. Most of the internet marketing products do this (what they call a ‘downsell’ price). I thought I’d let you guys know just in case some of you don’t know of it yet. Anyways, after purchasing Flip Siphon Pro, I was given access to the members area, which looked like this:

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As you can see from the above, the members area is quite simple – but don’t easily get deceived, because you are actually paying for the content, not on how pretty a site looks like! My first impression was good, Flip Siphon Pro is very different to a lot of the other internet marketing products. So what exactly is Flip Siphon Pro all about? Well, essentially it revolves around making money from buying and selling digital real estate, ie. buying and selling doamin names. I told you this one is different! To be honest I am new to this whole digital real estate thing, so I am very curious.

What you are buying is access to a special FlipSiphonPro software and also STEP-BY-STEP video guides on how to profit from the lucrative market of buying and reselling websites/domains. Each videos are about 10-15 min long. In total there was 11 videos. Also included is a specially designed software that will find you the real bargain website deals that will have the best chance of giving you maximum profits. It is a concise, yet comprehensive course on how to make money online with digital real estate. Within the members area, it consists of 4 modules, software access, bonuses and a mastermind group. I will briefly outline each one below:

Module 1

  • Mindset
  • Getting started
  • Market research

Module 2

  • Business models
  • Using the software
  • Due diligence
  • Further investigation

Module 3

  • Negotiation
  • Transfer

Module 4

  • Keeping the site
  • Outsourcing
  • Rinse and repeat


In my opinion, this is a really good software in that it basically automatically searches for a good deal that you can take advantage of. This will save you alot of time if you were to manually search for the deals.


  • 24 hour cash machine

Conclusion and my honest opinion

To be honest I am new to this whole digital real estate thing. But after watching the step by step guide within the member’s area of Flip Siphon Pro, I can see how lucrative it can be. The fact that existing websites can be bought and sold for profit is mind boggling, also you have the option to keep the websites you buy if you can improve the profit margin. So do I recommend this product? Yes, because I can see the potential in it to make money for you, especially because not many people (including myself) know about it – therefore very few competition. To purchase Flip Siphon Pro, visit the official site:

Flip Siphon Pro Official SiteBy purchasing Flip Siphon Pro from the link above, you are supporting me keeping this website alive by allowing me to do future reviews. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you! Also, any questions, feel free to email me directly at admin@recommendedstuff.com

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