Free Cash App Review – Does It Actually Work?

So you heard about this app called Free Cash App .. probably through email promos I bet.

Official Site:

You think to yourself: does this stuff actually works? Will it actually make me money? Well, no need to wonder about it anymore, as I’ve got the answer right here! You really want to know whether Free Cash App is the real deal? The truth will shock you.. keep on reading my review…

I purchased Free Cash App on the 25th January 2014.

I tested it out for a couple of days and the results shown below was for the 27th January 2014.

Note: This is a review page, for the official site PLEASE CLICK HERE.

What is Free Cash App?

It is a FREE software application that can be accessed through your mobile phone or desktop computer that alerts you to profitable binary tradings. The alerts are based on a complex algorithm calculated by the software that has an estimated accuracy of about 75-85%.  With this software, there is no prior knowledge of binary tradings needed, allowing even beginners to profit from this lucrative business.

If it’s free, whats the catch?

You might be thinking, hang on a sec.. if it’s free what’s the catch? Technically speaking, there is no catch! But when you do make a winning trade, a small percentage of your winnings is paid to the software creator. How much the software creator gets depends on your winnings. But don’t worry, it is only a very small percentage. For example if you made a $100 profit, then the software creator will probably get about $10. That is why the software is made freely available, when you win, he wins too! It’s only fair right?

Do I get to choose my own broker?

No. When you first sign up with Free Cash App, you will be asked to join one of their recommended broker. When I joined, I went with Don’t worry about this, as the brokers recommended are reputable ones.

What is the minimum deposit before I can start trading?

This depends on the chosen broker, but it normally in the range of $200-$300. When I joined banc54, I deposited $250 to get started.

My personal results (after 3 days):

free cash app account header

free cash app account

As you can see above, I deposited $250 to get started and after about three days my balance was $989.32. That is an overall profit of $739.32 !!

Examples of how the software alerts look like:

free cash app snapshot

My Conclusion, do I recommend Free Cash App?

Yes I do! I definitely recommend you getting Free Cash App if you want to make money with binary tradings. From my personal test, it works. Although I made some losses, I made more winnings. An overall profit of $700+ only after three days is awesome! It is by far the easiest money I’ve made! What I suggest to you is to make small tradings to get used to the alerts before making bigger trades.

What are you waiting for? Make money today! DOWNLOAD FREE CASH APP FOR FREE HERE.



4 Responses to “Free Cash App Review – Does It Actually Work?”

  1. Gerald says:

    Hi Ibi,

    this is the same binarypilot you use as in the GoldenGooseMethod.

  2. Hayley Guvyster says:

    Hi Ibi!
    Thanks for the honest review. I just wanted to share my personal experience with Free Cash App and hope that you publish my comment. Firstly can I say that i never had any experience with binary trading before. I thought long and hard about buying Free Cash App and ended up getting it. After just one day, I made a profit of about $120. Now to many people this doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but for someone like me, who have ever made any money online before, this is huge! It has considerably raised my confidence in this sort of software. Although it’s early days, it has been very positive. Ibi can you message me privately your tips on maximizing my profit using Free Cash App? Chow..

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