IM With Jamie 3.0 Review – Jam Packed!

Welcome to my IM With Jamie 3.0 REVIEW, if you are looking for the official site, please go to:

A newer version of Jamie’s previously popular program called IM With Jamie 3.0 has just been released. Most likely, you would of received an email promoting this program by Jamie Lewis, seen the sales page and thinking about purchasing access to it. As always, people are looking for an honest IM With Jamie 3.0 review to know exactly what they will be getting for their hard earned money. First of all, I want to say that this program is jam packed with good content that will help you succeed in any online business. So what do you get when you pay $39 for this program? Well read my complete review below.

Members of IM With Jamie 3.0 will have access to pretty much everything you need to start making money online. The main part of this program is a 24 series webinars going into detail on how exactly to set up your online business successfully so that you start makingmoney online as quickly as possible. Webinars are really great for intensive training purposes because you can ask questions as the webinar is being presented by Jamie himself. The interactiveness nature of the webinar makes it a great learning tool.

Below is the snapshot of the main area within the member’s area of IM With Jamie 3.0:

imwithjamie 3-0 snapshot1

You will be greeted with a welcome video from Jamie himself. Now although the main attraction of buying IM With Jamie 3.0 is the 24 series quality webinars, the program will also give you full access to a variety of “must -have” tools and softwares to help with your online business. I want to go through them with you because I think for a price of a mere $39 you will get acess to some really good and valuable tools for your online business.

Within the member’s area, there are six sections:

1. Live Webinars

This is where you will be able to access to the 24 LIVE webinars. These awesome webinars are interactive, so you will be able to ask questions during the presentation. I recommend that you do ask questions during these webinars because it is a rare chance to be able to ask questions directly to an expert in internet marketing.

imwithjamie 3-0 snapshot3

I really want to tell you something really exciting… when purchasing IM With Jamie 3.0, you will regarded as one of his student, therefore in addition to the live 24 series webinars, you will also be able to:

  • Work with Jamie on one campaign together!
  • Take over one of Jamie’s unfinished project!
  • Tell Jamie of of your website’s URL and he will critiquely look at it for ways to improve it!
  • Tell Jamie one of your website URL for one huge EMAIL BLAST!

2. Videos

This section is a huge bonus for IM With Jamie 3.0 customers. You will have access to lots of instructional videos that will help you start making money online. When used in conjuction with the live webinars, it is a very powerful learning process to make sure you really understand what it takes to succeed. The video series will also include past webinars from the original IM With Jamie and IM With Jamie 2.0. Therefore you wil have the complete videos that are released by Jamie himself.

imwithjamie 3-0 snapshot4


3. Downloadable Resources

This part is one of my favourite! It includes many valuable downloadable tools and resources for your online business. If you already started a website or two, you will know that you need tools to make it work, for example: outsourcing database, graphics creater, banner creator website templates, html templates and so on! By buying IM With Jamie 3.0, you will be able to download all the essential tools and resources in the one place. I am sure you would agree that this is great value!

imwithjamie 3-0 snapshot5

IM With Jamie 3.0 UPSELLS:

The first three sections within the members area is included when you purchase the initial price of $39. In my opinion it is already a great bargain, especially when you consider there is a 60 days money back guarantee.

A lot of my subscribers alos asked me, is there any UPSELLS with IM With Jamie 3.0? The answer is yes, though I don’t think it’s necessary to purchase them. But if you do, I recommend that you purchase the third upsell which is the “Ready Made Campaigns” as it will somewhat speed up your process of making money online. So what are the upsells? In total, there are 3 UPSELLS…

IM With Jamie 3.0 UPSELL #1 = Website Control Panel

IM With Jamie 3.0 UPSELL #2 = Websiphon

IM With Jamie 3.0 UPSELL #3 = Ready Made Campaigns

imwithjamie 3-0 snapshot6


Overall, I definitely recommend you buy IM With Jamie 3.0. Not only you will receive valauble webinars whre you will be able to interactand ask LIVE questions, you will also receive all the tools and resources you need to make sure you online business is built properly and professionally. If you stick to the plan presented by Jamie, yuo will no doubt make money online very soon. I recommend this program for beginners and intermediates. Beginners will get valuable lessons on exactly how to make money online, whereas the intermediates will enjoy the free tools and resources available to make their current online business more reputable. So there you go, I hope you enjoy my in-depth review of IM With Jamie 3.0. To purchase it, go the official site by clicking the Buy Button below:

Go to the official site to purchase IM With Jamie 3.0


I will also take this opportuniy to say a big thank you for visiting my website and supporting me. Your contribution has not gone unnoticed. With you support, I will be able to continue to buying future internet marketing products and provide an in-depth and comprehensive product review! THANK YOU!

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