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Hello and welcome to my page dedicated to Insured Profits review where I reveal my results to determine whether or not this software is legit and whether or not it will make you money.

Please note that this page is my personal review, if you’re looking for the official site then click here.

Let’s cut to the chase, you’ve ended up here because you wanted to know whether or not the new software application called Insured Profits works or is it just a big lie. Well, you’ve come to the right place as I’ve purchased access to the software a couple of days ago, tested it out and here are my surprising results…

What exactly is Insured Profits?

Insured Profits is a FREE software application that can be accessed through your mobile phone or desktop computer that alerts you to winning and profitable binary tradings. The alerts are based on a mathematical (quite complex) algorithm calculated by the patented software that has an estimated accuracy of about 70-80%. With the guesswork pretty much taken out of the equation, it allows even beginners to profit from the lucrative world of binary tradings.

If the software is FREE, what is the catch?

Like I said, once you have registered to the program Insured Profits, you will get free access to the software app and free registration to the recommended broker. Technically speaking, there is no catch to it except you have to deposit a minimum amount of $200-$250 (depending on the broker at time of signup) before you can make “live trades” and collect your winnings. If you make a winning trade, a very small percentage of the winnings will go to the software application creator/vendor. For example if you made a profit of $50, they will get roughly about $5. Hence why they allow free access to the their patented software, because they get a small cut of the winnings. I guess it’s only fair, it’s a win for you and a win for the software creator.

Do I get to choose my own broker?

Not really, when you sign up for Insured Profits, you will be given instructions on how to join their recommended broker. When I joined, I was given instructions to join a binary broker called Interactive Option. This particular broker from what I have researched is reputable and easy to deal with 24 hours support desk. I know for a fact that similar programs like The Insured Profits sometime rotate their recommended broker. So you might be presented with a different broker to the one I joined.

Please note that this page is my personal review, if you’re looking for the official site then click here.

What is the minimum deposit required before I can start?

This depends on the broker that was recommended to you when signing up. With Interactive Options broker, I deposited $250 to get started and activate the Insured Profits software. Check out my live account:

insured profits account snapshotb


As you can see, I made a profit of $1500+ !! So I was very surprised by the results. Does it work? Yes! it did for me! The profit I made was overall profit. I made several trades for the last couple of days and only had three losses and more than seven winnings. So that is about a 70% winning percentage. Which, in the world of binary trading, is exceptional.

My Results after 1 WEEK:

Initial Deposit = $250

Day 1: Investment = $25, Return = $103 (PROFIT = $78)

Day 2: Investment = $200, Return = $824 (PROFIT = $624)

Day 3: Investment = $50, Return = $2 (LOSS = $48)

Day 4: Investment = $250, Return = $570 (PROFIT = $320)

Day 5: Investment = $250, Return = $1380 (PROFIT = $1130)

Day 6: Investment = $350, Return = $98 (LOSS = $252)

Balance at end of week = $1849 ; Net Profit = $1852

This is how the actual software looks like in action:

insured profits snapshot1


Yes I do! I definitely recommend you getting Insured Profits if you would like to increase your chances of making money with binary tradings.Now, let’s be realistic, I don’t think it’s going to make you a millionaire overnight, but it has a good chance of making you money depending how much you trade. From my personal tests, it worked. Although I made some losses, I made a lot more winnings resulting in $1500+ profit in just three days. What I suggest to you is to make small tradings to get used to the alerts before making bigger trades.



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    I just signup to and looking for option builder, I coudn’t find. Do I need option builder? Before I deposit, I have to make sure that I follow all the instruction given by Insured profits?

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