Lottery Destroyer Review – Does It Work?

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Welcome to my page dedicated to Lottery Destroyer review. As all of my subscribers will know, I have been reviewing products for more than a year now. The only reason that I do reviews is to help readers like yourself make an informed decision on internet marketing products. Product that claims to be able to generate cash online. So whether you are a regular visitor to my site or a new visitor, I would like to personally welcome you here! You probably got sent an email or two promoting this newly released product called Lottery Destroyer, as the name suggests, it is a system that enables the user to increase their chances of winning the lottery. But does it actually work? Let’s have a look at it…


What is the concept of Lottery Destroyer?

Essentially, Lottery Destroyer is a web based software that increases your chances of winning the lotteries. We all know that it won’t guarantee you a win, but rather increasing your odds by applying complex algorithms based on previous numbers drawn in the past.


Does Lottery Destroyer works?

This is a one million dollar question. If I knew the answer to this, I would literally be a millionaire! And that is not an understatement. So will it work? Well, I am a scientist by trade, so naturally I was skeptical at first. But after doing many product reviews, I have to look at it with complete optimism.

Being a scientist, I tend to evaluate the credibility of a claim from a purely scientific point of view. Now, one thing we can all agree on is that winning the lotteries is pretty much mathematical in nature. What I mean is… probability and chance plays a major role in determining your odds of winning.

There has been many similar products in the past that claims to predict the lottery numbers. Straight away I see a flaw in these past products, how can one ‘predict’ future numbers? Scientifically it is not valid. But what I really like about Lottery Destroyer is that it doesn’t claim to ‘predict’ the numbers, but instead incorporates complex algorithm into increasing your odds of winning. This, however is scientifically valid, in fact the more data used in calculating the algorithm, the more likely it is to predict the outcome. Lottery Destroyer uses the numbers generated by Lotteries draw from the past 8 years. This mean, a lot of data was used to generate the most likely numbers and/or sequence to occur in subsequent draws.

From this alone, I think Lottery Destroyer is probably the best Lotteries software out there. Though it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win (no software does), but it does give you the best chance of winning.



Overall, I recommend you purchasing Lottery Destroyer if you already buying lotteries in the first place. Knowing the past 8 years of previously drawn numbers¬† and incorporating this into a complex mathematical algorithms and calculations is the best way of increasing your odds. The other thing is, the access to this Lottery Destroyer software is a bare minimum cost of $4.95! This is very cheap, compared to other similar softwares out there, which could cost up to $500. My advice is to try out on small amount, for example $5 or $10 and see how you go. If you don’t try, you will never know! To purchase Lottery Destroyer, please go to the official Lottery Destroyer site by clicking on the link below:


go to the official site

4 Responses to “Lottery Destroyer Review – Does It Work?”

  1. Anne says:

    Is this applicable to Powerball only? I’m in the UK so can’t play Powerball, thanks

  2. Mohamed says:

    Hi Mr.Ibi Jay

    Do you know any software at the market with only one time fee works like Lottery Destroyer?

    I am not a big gambler but I play once a while for Mega Millions or Powerball

    Please if you know a really good software with one time fee Not monthly membership

    Just send me the name of this software to my email = >

    Thanks & God Bless

    • Ibi Jay says:

      Hi Mohamed,
      Thanks for stopping by my review site. Sorry, I don’t know of any other software with a one off fee. I’m sure there’s others out there, but no other I have bought access to and therefore cannot comment on it. Can I ask where you are from?

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