Mobile Money Bandit Review – The Truth Revealed


Mobile Money Bandit has just been released and I have just purchased it a few hours ago.  As promised here is my review: 

I bought the product for a price of $77, which is slightly higher to other internet marketing products out there.  But trust me, the product covers A LOT of stuff and in my opinion worth the initial investment.  Please read on to find out… be warned, this is a VERY in-depth review of Mobile Money Bandit!  I will tell you everything….

 Below is the screenshot of the members area:

In summary, what you are purchasing is access to the members’ only area which reveals the STEP by STEP instructions on how to profit using Pay Per Call marketing to earn affiliate commissions.  One of the affiliate network used in Limitless Profits is Commission Junction.   The beauty of this technique is that you can target mobile phones, which is used by millions of people around the world.  So, the possibility is endless!  The information inside Limitless Profits on how to profit from mobile phone advertising is amazing.  I honestly thought that the author covered it in VERY great detail.  This is great news for a complete beginner, it means the content is easy to understand and followed.  

There are 7 menu tabs to choose from once you’re inside the members area: 


This is where you can view the introductory welcome tour video from the creator, the explanation of Pay Per Call marketing and how you can profit from it. 


This is where you set everything up, eg signing up to affiliate networks and all other registration requirements.  This section will give you STEP by STEP instructional VIDEOS about everything you need before you dive into creating profitable mobile marketing campaigns.  It includes: 

  • Video #1 – How To Signup With Commission Junction
  • Video #2 – How To Signup with Commission Junction’s PayPerCall
  • Video #3 – How To Apply For Offers In Commission Junction PayPerCall
  • Video #4 – How To Pull A Phone Number in Commission Junction
  • Video #5 – How To Signup With LinkShare
  • Video #6 – How to Signup With LinkShare PayPerCall
  • Video #7 – How To Signup With LinkShare Lead Advantage Program
  • Video #8 – How To Apply For Offers in Linkshare PayPerCall
  • Video #9 – How To Use Yahoo Answers
  • Video #10 – How To Post A Free Listing On Craigslist
  • Video #11 – How To Use Forums
  • Video #12 – How To Quick Start With Google Adwords
  • Video #13 – How To Setup A Campaign In Google Adwords
  • Snapshot of video selection:


As you can see from the above, there is a LOT to do, but you will only need to do it once, also it is important that you do each one – because it will maximise your profit.  Together with the video instructions, you can also download the pdf format if you prefer reading instead of viewing it.  



Snapshot of training area:

Once you’re done with all the set up, then this is the next part.  This part explains how Pay Per Call works and also tells you how to actually set up profitable mobile marketing campaigns.  As in the previous part, this section is covered in VERY great detail. So you will be definitely getting your money’s worth.  In this part, there are four sections that includes video instructions: 

Section 1:  Introduction to Tap-N-Talk Marketing 

  • Video #1 – What Is Pay Per Call
  • Video #2 – How To Get Free Traffic To Your Phone Number
  • Video #3 – How To Do Ads For Mobile Phones 

Section 2: Offers and Market Research 

  • Video #1 – How To Research Before Applying For A Campaign
  • Video #2 – How To Make A Research Test Call 

Section 3: Free Ways to Turn Traffic Into Phone Calls 

  • Video #1 – How To Get Free Traffic To Your Phone Number
  • Video #2 – How To Use YouTube To Get Free Phone Calls
  • Video #3 – How To Post An Ad On Craigslist
  • Video #4 – How To Use Facebook Marketplace
  • Video #5 – How To Share Your Story And Phone Numbers On Facebook
  • Video #6 – How To Use Email Signatures To Get Free Traffic
  • Video #7 – How To Create A Blog
  • Video #8 – How To Create A Local Phone Number Sheet For Family and Friends
  • Video #9 – Brief Overview On Local Listings – Google And Yahoo
  • Video #10 – How To Get A Local Listing On Yahoo
  • Video #11 – How To Setup Google Places
  • Video #12 – How To Use Halloo Service
  • Video #13 – How To Setup Your Account On
  • Video #14 – Which Sites To Advertise On

 Section 4: Paid Mobile Search and the Tap-N-Talk Connection 

  • Video #1 – How To Do Paid Mobile Search And Keyword Research
  • Video #2 – How To Use Google Keyword Tool And Separate Adgroups
  • Video #3 – How To Use MSN Keyword Tool
  • Video #4 – How To Use ”Related Searches” In Google For Keywords
  • Video #5 – How To Use Keyword Mixer
  • Video #6 – How To Find Misspellings For Keywords
  • Video #7 – How To Bid On Domain Keywords
  • Video #8 – How to Use Keyword Spy
  • Video #9 – How To Setup Google Adwords For WAP Phone
  • Video #10 – How To Setup Smartphone Click To Call With Google
  • Video #11 – How To Create An Ad With Adcenter
  • Video #12 – How To Write Ads For Mobile Phones
  • Video #13 – How To Use A User Agent Switcher
  • Video #14 – How To Install A User Agent Switcher
  • Video #15 – How To Keep A Track Of Your Cost And Income 



Now listen in CAREFULLY, if you are really serious about generating serious cash with mobile marketing then read the following part of my review: 

This particular part is reserved for VIP members, you will have to upgrade in order to access it. It will cost you $297.  You might say to yourself that this is a high price to pay!  But I guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.  Personally, I chose to upgrade and found the upgrade to be VERY WORTHWHILE.  It is specifically design to make your mobile marketing a lot more profitable by giving you secret tools that multiplies your income and also makes everything a LOT easier.   It’s up to you, you don’t have to because the initial purchase will still make you money!  

Like I said cost of the upgrade is relatively high, I suggest if you’re a beginner – just get use to the initial stuff (YOU WILL STILL MAKE MONEY WITH IT)and then upgrade when you feel you’re ready.  If you’re an intermediate level internet marketer, than this is for you – it will cover advanced stuff you can apply to make even MORE PROFITS.  With the price you pay for this upgrade ($297), you will get A LOT of tools including:

Mobile Media Buying Battle Plan

3-Minute Mobile Ad Generator

This is where you get access to the software that will give you the codings that will create custom mobile ads via a user friendly interface.  So you don’t need to be a programmer to create visually impacting ads

5-Minute Mobile Landing Page Generator

Again, you don’t need to be an expert programmer to come up with awesome landing page.

Online Tap ‘N’ Talk Lair Forum

Five exclusive Mobile “Mind Meld” Strategy Sessions

Mobile Cost Per Action Training 


This part basically lists all the links to useful tools to use for your mobile marketing efforts such as: 

  • List of useful websites
  • Local Lists and Resources
  • Competitive Analysis Tools
  • Screen Recording Software
  • User Agent Switcher
  • Tracking Costs and Commissions
  • Additional Products and Resources 


As the name suggests, this section is for you to submit any queries you have directly the creator and his team of experts in mobile marketing. 

I found this bit to be very comforting, knowing that after spending my money, I will get ongoing support. 


OK, so there you go!  My complete review of Mobile Money Bandit.  I hope it is of help to you, especially if you are unsure whether to buy it or not. 


This is the MOST COMPREHENSIVE PRODUCT I have seen to date.  The $77 I spent is worth every cent.  Yes it does take a while to absorb everything and implement things, but believe me you WILL see the profits starting to show soon after application of Mobile Money Bandit.  Because millions of people use their mobile phone around the world, there is a lot of PROFIT to be made.   In my opinion, this is the FUTURE of affiliate marketing – get in it now to profit big before other people catch up on the idea.  If you decide to purchase Mobile Money Bandit, please show your support of my review website by clicking on the link below to go to the official site:

If you have any questions you want to ask me, please feel free to fill in the comment form below.  Even if you want to drop a comment, feel free.  Give me some feedback about this review.  Because I really hope to continue to write REAL REVIEWS for people like yourself.  By buying through my link above, you are supporting me to keep this website alive and help other aspiring internet marketers!  So thank you!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my website by filling in the form on the top right of this page.  Again, thank you for reading my review of Mobile Money Bandit.