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Hi all and welcome to my review page dedicated to Mobile Money Code. I have been away for a couple of weeks, so I apologize for not doing some reviews recently! Well, I am back now just in time to do the Mobile Money Code review. I know most of you out there would of received a promotional email about this newly released internet marketing product and thinking about buying it. You ended here because you’re looking for an honest review and I won’t let you down, I have just purchased Mobile Money Code and here is my review. As usual, I will do my review in a Q&A format so that you can follow it easily until the end.

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What is the concept behind Mobile Money Code?

In a nutshell, Mobile Money Code is about making money by utilizing smartphone’s web browsing technology. The fact that millions of people now own a smartphone (such as an iphone), “mobile phone marketing” can be a very lucrative business to tap into. Essentially it looks at how to engage potential customers via mobile internet sites targeting the mobile phone users.

What do I get when I purchase Mobile Money Code?

After buying Mobile Money Code, you will get access to the exclusive member’s only area where you can download the software to generate your very own mobile sites, together with all the training required in order to fully maximize your income potential.

Below is the snapshot of the main member’s area:

mobile money code snapshot1

As you can see from the above snapshot, there are several tabs along the top of the member’s area. I will briefly described each one below:

Tab #1 – Mobile Money Code

This is where you will get access to the exclusive Mobile Money Code software to create your very own mobile sites. What I really liked is that you also get access to some necessary training on mobile marketing. I have to add that the training on offer here is not the traditional mobile marketing such as mobile ads or anything like that. In fact, it talks about actual mobile marketing, that is how to engage with potential customers and how you can maximize your earning potential. We all know that you need traffic in order to potentially make money.. so you’ll be glad to know that this section also includes video instructions on how to generate traffic to your mobile sites. A valuable piece of information I found here is that search engine optimization on mobile devices works kind of differently compared to ‘desktop’ browsing.

Tab #2 – Bonus Live Training

mobile money code live training

Every buyer will be able to register for free to the exclusive coaching and live webinars. The webinars runs for 6 weeks and happens twice a week (for a total of six weeks). Some solid information to learn from here, especially for those that are new to mobile marketing.

Tab #3 – Bonus Software

You will get an additional bonus mini mobile site creator and access to 50 pre made mobile sites at your disposal. My favorite bit in this section is the bonus QR code generator software. For those of you that don’t know what a QR code is, it is those funny square symbol that you can scan with a mobile phone and instantly get redirected to your own/chosen site.

Tab #4 – Done For You

This is where you can get even more ‘done for you sites’.

Tab #5 – Traffic Money Code

You will get access to some additional business tools that will make it easier for you to run your mobile marketing business, which includes a bonus ‘mobile” ranker.

Tab #6 – Social Money Code

This section talks about how to take advantage of social media sites through mobile phone devices to generate insane amount of traffic pretty much on autopilot.

So how do I actually make money with Mobile Money Code?

The obvious way to make money with Mobile Money Code is from affiliate commissions from your mobile sites or selling your own products online that is targeted to mobile phone users, for example promoting ring tones, wallpaper themes etc. Don’t laugh at the suggestion of selling/promoting ring tones, they are very lucrative. They might be cheap to sell (eg. 50c or 1 dollar), but the sheer volume of buyers will definitely make it very worthwhile! 

But in my opinion, the best way to earn BIG MONEY using Mobile Money Code is to sell your services to local businesses. For example, in your local area, there might be a pizza shop. Most likely, they won’t have a mobile internet site that is user friendly for the smartphone mobile users. Simply create a mobile site for them (using Mobile Money Code software) and charge them a one off fee (eg $500) or charge them a monthly rate of let say $300 a month. Believe me, majority of businesses will pay big bucks to get sites like these done. Who wouldn’t? the more their business are exposed, the more profit for them in return!


Overall, I definitely recommend you purchase Mobile Money Code if you want to earn money from mobile marketing. As I have mentioned above, the amount of smartphone users is growing at an exponential rate. So there will be enough fortune to be shared from this particular market, thus there is no need to worry about ‘market saturation’. To purchase Mobile Money Code, simply click on the link below to go back to the official site:

Go to the official Mobile Money Code site!

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19 Responses to “Mobile Money Code Review – An In-depth Look!”

  1. gerald ronan says:

    wont let register to login as a new member

  2. Stephan says:

    I am a South Afrcan who was invited to join this program which looked pretty awsome and no bad reviews that i read either.
    My real question on this product is just about with honesty how fast can you expect results on this app?? 49dollar is alot for a south africa , and i know kan return it for refund , but i would rather like something better for my money like this app. Lastly , what os the longest time waited for any additional income?
    Thank you so much
    Hear from you soon i hope.

  3. khaya magwaza says:

    Good day Ibi

    My name is Khaya Magwaza,I come from Pietermaritzburg,KZN and I have just recently bought Mobile Money code.I must be honest,I have no idea how this works and just exactly what to do.They have suggested that I log on to the webinars for training but in all reality I dont have the money to spend to log on to live stream videos that consume alot of data and money.It seems to me that this system and product was designed to suit the American market that has cheaper access to the internet.Ibi if you can please help me get started and show me how this is done,please help me.Please email me and I promise I will respond immediately.

    Yours Faithfully

  4. LeeAnn says:

    Mobile Money Code, I purchased it…..but like everything else, I get no help. I can’t even figure out where to go to register.

  5. bhisham says:

    hey, i purchased it also, and can’t figure where to register, i call the phone number and the give me a link to go and register, but the link give a bunch of nonsence. i think it’s all a big BS.

    • Ibi Jambol says:

      I do have to agree with you, support is almost non existence in most internet marketing products. The concept is good, but the after sales support is not good at all. Thanks for dropping by anyways, Ibi.

  6. Sonya says:

    Like others have stated, I bought this and can’t even register to even start using it. Support has given the new member link and it doesn’t work. So how can I make money when I can’t register or login???

  7. margaret says:

    i just signed up and it won,t let me register as a new member. i keep losing the connection. … HELP

    • Ibi Jambol says:

      Hi Margaret,
      I too have lost connections far too many times. Many has suggest the same. So my advice to people is to ask for a refund straight away. The after sales support has been very poor.

  8. Andrew says:

    Hi Ibi, i have purchased and asked for a refund but i can not proceed as they keep telling me i have to register first of which i am unable to!!! any ideas greatly appreciated.

  9. David says:

    don’t get this, i wasted so much money it is a total rippoff and they will not give me my money back. there is NO 4 click method or anything like that. If I don’t get my money back within another 2 days I will be posting online my youtube video that i did with camtasia. they won’t even answer my tickets now….Not happy…the product does nothing like what it says in the video by Greg Anderson… It’s a Jonathan Budd product…

  10. Gary says:

    I was so cote up in this video,I needed to make extra money to live, I got suckered in like every one way to get in contact with any one there to try and get a refund.he offers a full money back garenty,WHERE HOW,that’s my question.

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