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CREATOR = Mike Long and Greg Morisson

PRICE = $49

RELEASE DATE = 27th September 2012

Yet another internet marketing product has just been released. This time it is called OMG Machines, which stands for One Man Gang Machines created by Mike Long. Now, you might actually heard of his name before in the popular product called Bring the Fresh 2012; which was voted one of the best by most internet marketers so far this year. So when I heard about OMG Machines, naturally I was curious and somehow trust that it will be another good product to assist people to make money online.

You have obviously landed on my page because you are looking for an honest OMG Machines review to help you decide whether or not not purchase it. Well you have come to the right place, as I have created this website solely for writing internet marketing product reviews. I will leave you to decide whether or not to purchase the product. So happy reading and thank you for visiting my review site.


I have just purchased OMG Machines by Mike Long and costed me $49. So what exactly is OMG Machines you might ask? Well, what you are purchasing is a V-Book (ebook with video linkages) that details step by step on how the author (Greg) made just over $1,000,000 in one year!

He achieved this massive amount of money by:

  • building profitable affiliate and adsense sites
  • building sites for local business which he rents out or sells them for a hefty price (on average $2000 each)

The V-Book is 44 pages in length that comes in a PDF format containing links to 15 (+1 bonus) high definition videos to fully explain how he builds this very profitable websites.

Below is how the cover of the V-Book looked like:


omg machines snapshot1


As you can see from the above snapshot, the first thing you notice is the really awesome graphics that he uses (also on his sales page). In fact, in the bonus video (within the V-Book) he will show you how to create such cool graphics to make your websites stand out from the crowd.  

So what is the content of the OMG Machines V-Book ? Well, in summary, Greg will show you STEP by STEP (looking over his shoulder) on how he builds a very profitable website from scratch, and ranking in on the first page of Google for money making keyword phrases. The good thing about his method is that it is “post penguin”, making it safe from the recent “Google slap”.

In his V-Book, he writes about and made video recordings of:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and organic Google rankings
  • How to monitize your sites for affiliate sales and how to attract clients to rent/buy your optimized sites
  • Business goals and objectives, with a well mapped out plan for effective marketing
  • Things to stay away from to avoid wasting time and lost motivation
  • Enforcers, Employees & Entrepreneurs
  • All about outsourcing and why you should use it to maximize return of investment
  • Building a website from scratch
  • How to build high quality backlinks that are penguin safe

The videos (linked) within the OMG Machines V-Book are very detailed (up to 45min or so for each one!) showing exactly how he build a site from scratch to getting it to rank in the first page on Google.

Below is the example of how the video link within the V-Book looked like, in fact page 8 of the V-Book:


omg machines snapshot2


After clicking on the video linkages, you will be taken to the OMG Machines members site with the embeded high quality video, which looks like this:

omg machines snapshot3


As I have mentioned before, the videos are of high quality and very informative (up to 45 minutes in length). Pretty much nothing is missed as he allows you to “watch over his shoulders” whilst he builds a new website and get it rank on top of Google.

The biggest difference in OMG Machines and other similar products is that Greg will show you how to rent or even sell your customized websites to private local businesses. Charging each business about $200-$500 per week or selling the website outright for a hefty commission of about $2000.

Again, just to summarize: not only you will be shown on how to generate traffic but you will also be shown, step-by-step, on how to rank your websites really well on the search engines. We all know the saying, get ranked – get money! Now before you say “oh I’ve heard that before!”, I want you to put some faith in Mike Long. Why do I say this, well as I’ve mentioned above, he was the creator of Bring the Fresh 2012 which had rave reviews around the internet.

As any experience internet marketers will tell you, it is pretty much all about the traffic that makes you money online – full stop! That is, you need visitors to your websites to make money! It is a no brainer, but yet in reality, a lot of people struggle to attract traffic to their site (or affiliate sites) and therefore fail to generate any income. So in my opinion, this is where OMG Machines may help you – it will literally show you how to generate FREE TRAFFIC to your chosen sites. It is that simple. So no more paying for your quality traffic to generate sales. The author also claimed to have netted over a million dollars utilizing this free traffic sources.



So the ultimate question is, do I recommend OMG Machines? The answer is YES I do! Who is it suitable for? Well in my opinion, it is suitable for both the beginners and intermediates. In my honest opinion, it will help you create highly optimized and profitable websites which you can make a lot of money by either renting or selling it to local businesses. Believe me, a lot of the local businesses are craving for such service and will have no hesistation paying. You will also learn how to generate the traffic you have always wanted as an internet marketer. It is lso suitable for beginners and the advanced internet marketers. But if you have a lot of internet marketing experience (5 years +), this might not be suitable for you as some of the information you would of already known. But as I said it will be very beneficial for beginners and the intermediates. This is my review site, to purchase OMG Machines, simply go back to the official site by clicking on the link below:

By purchasing through my link above, you are supporting me to keep this website alive which had helped many people (like yourself) by providing them honest internet marketing reviews. Thank you very much! Any questions, feel free to email me at

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