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The product is called Project First Sale, created by a guy named Mark Wilson.

Official Website:

With any internet marketing products, some will be beneficial and minor ones will be a scam. It is the primary reason why I created this product – to provide everyday people with an honest review of newly released products that pretty much coming out every single day.

Although many people are labelling most products being a scam, in my opinion that is not actually true. Yes there will be some scams, but let me tell you that most are not. As long as you don’t view them as a “push button” software that will instantly make you money, you HAVE to apply the methods shown by many expert marketers. They are merely giving you a tool to use. For example a software that retrieves Clickbank product information – if you apply it properly, it can make you money. People that fail are the ones that don’t take actions on the product that they purchased.

My advice is to ALWAYS apply the steps shown in most products and genuinely try and apply the method. Hopefully you will start to see some profits coming your way!

Anyways, back to my Project First Sale review, here it is:

I have just purchased Project First Sale and to be honest I was impressed. Now I am going to be honest with you, you will no make millions of dollars with this product. But it seriously has the potential to help you achieve your first affiliate commission. I am not kidding. Although many experienced marketers will probably not benefit from this method, many newbies WILL. Why do I think Project First Sale is good? By achieving your first few affilate sales, it will definitely motivate you to make more by proving that making money on the internet is really possible.

After purchasing, I got access to the member’s area which looked like this:


So what exactly is Project First Sale? Well the reason why I think it is very well suited to newbies is that the methods shown here totally focuses on promoting affiliate using videos.

It means you don’t really have to write a lot of content, which I know by experience will save you a lot of time. Creating videos are much quicker and at times can be more informative than writing. 

Project First Sale will give you three (3) different approach to video marketing that, in my opinion, will surely help you achieve that allusive first affiliate commission. 


Step 1 – Project First Sale Quick Profit App and Sniper Stategy


This step shows you exactly how to utilize videos to get first page Google ranking very easily and you don’t necessarily need to pay for hosting. You will be able to download the Video Creator App, which will make you really good looking videos with awesome looking premade templates, style, the ability to insert texts etc and it give you an embeded code that you can copy and paste into your blogs. Currently, Google loves video content – so if you d this smartly you can often get first page ranking on Google quite easily. Try it out, you will be pleasantly suprised!


Step 2 – Project First Video Profit Machine


This is where you can download ten (10) profitable premade videos to use straight away. This will give you the perfect start so you can see how profitable videos should look like. I suggest you study the format of these videos and simply copy it and incorporated into your new video designs. The trick here is to learn what sort of optimizations you have to do to your videos to make it convert.


Step 3 – Profiting From Facebook



The title is exactly what this section reveals…. profiting from the hugely popular social site Facebook. Pretty much everyone has Facebook. So you should defnitely pay attention to the video training in this part of Project First Sale to really take advantage the traffic that Facebook brings.



Honestly, I totally recommend Project First Sale to people who struggle to make money online from affiliate marketing. The video marketing strategy in this product is very user friendly to beginners. I have no doubt that if you simply apply the teachings shown in Project First Sale, you will see your first ever sale in affiliate marketing. That allusive first sale will no doubt give you the confidence boost to keep going with your efforts in trying to make a living from internet marketing. To purchase Project First Sale, simply click on the link below that will take you to the official site:




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  1. Ibi Jambol says:

    Hi Ross,
    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. The important thing here is to APPLY the teachings from this product. The whole concept is to get that first sale and the rest will follow. People fail because they rely upon the product being somewhat a “miracle” product where you don’t have to do anything to make money. You do have to do a bit of work on your part. These products are a tool to help you achieve it. Thanks, Ibi

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