The Push Button Millionaire Review

Hello and welcome to my page dedicated to The Push Button Millionaire review where I reveal my results to determine whether or not this software is legit and whether or not it will make you money.

Please note that this page is my personal review, if you’re looking for the official site then click here.

Let’s cut to the chase, you’ve ended up here because you wanted to know whether or not the new software application called The Push Button Millionaire works or is it just a big lie. Well, you’ve come to the right place as I’ve purchased access to the software a couple of days ago, tested it out and here are my surprising results…

What exactly is The Push Button Millionaire?

The Push Button Millionaire is a FREE software application that can be accessed through your mobile phone or desktop computer that alerts you to winning and profitable binary tradings. The alerts are based on a mathematical (quite complex) algorithm calculated by the patented software that has an estimated accuracy of about 70-80%.  With the guesswork pretty much taken out of the equation, it allows even beginners to profit from the lucrative world of binary tradings.

If the software is FREE, what is the catch?

Like I said, once you have registered to the program Push Button Millionaire, you will get free access to the software app and free registration to the recommended broker. Technically speaking, there is no catch to it except you have to deposit a minimum amount of $200 (depending on the broker at time of signup) before you can make “live trades” and collect your winnings. If you make a winning trade, a very small percentage of the winnings will go to the software application creator/vendor. For example if you made a profit of $50, they will get roughly about $5. Hence why they allow free access to the their patented software, because they get a small cut of the winnings. I guess it’s only fair, it’s a win for you and a win for the software creator.

Do I get to choose my own broker?

Not really, when you sign up for Push Button Millionaire, you will be given instructions on how to join their recommended broker. When I joined, I was given instructions to join a binary broker called Banc54 or otherwise known as b54. This particular broker from what I have researched is reputable and easy to deal with 24 hours support desk. I know for a fact that similar programs like The Push Button Millionaire sometime rotate their recommended broker. So you might be presented with a different broker to the one I joined.

Please note that this page is my personal review, if you’re looking for the official site then click here.

What is the minimum deposit required before I can start?

This depends on the broker that was recommended to you when signing up. With B54 broker, I deposited $250 to get started and activate the Push Button Millionaire software.

free cash app account header

free cash app account

As you can see, I made a profit of $500+ !! So I was very surprised by the results. Does it work? Yes! it did for me! The profit I made was overall profit. I made several trades for the last couple of days and only had three losses and more than seven winnings. So that is about a 70% winning percentage. Which, in the world of binary trading, is exceptional.

This is how the actual software looks like in action:

free cash app snapshot


Yes I do! I definitely recommend you getting The Push Button Millionaire if you would like to increase your chances of making money with binary tradings.Now, let’s be realistic, I don’t think it’s going to make you a millionaire overnight, but it has a good chance of making you money depending how much you trade. From my personal tests, it worked. Although I made some losses, I made a lot more winnings resulting in $500+ profit in just three days. What I suggest to you is to make small tradings to get used to the alerts before making bigger trades.



90 Responses to “The Push Button Millionaire Review”

  1. Tange says:

    How did it take you to start making money?
    once you set up your account will there be anything
    else you have to buy?

  2. Larrisha says:

    If it’s free why do I have to deposit money?

  3. Lavon says:

    Hi Ibi,

    Is this system automated, or do you have to manually input trades once a signal takes place?


    • Ibi Jay says:

      It can be automated, but I prefer to trade manually, that is watch the live signal alerts and act accordingly. I suggest you start small to get use to how the alerts work. After depositing $250, I started to trade small amounts like $20…

  4. Deborah Kelly says:

    Hi, I hope you can maybe help me, I signed up days ago with the trader they sent me to, and there were no other instructions afterwords at the traders which was Option Mint that day, today its United Options, yesterday it was Titan Traders, I thought it said it only works with the one trader?

  5. Louis Jennings says:

    I saw your review and I hope you can help me out.
    I also sign up with Pushbutton and also with my
    broker OptionMint, I was referred to this broker.

    Can you help me in anyway.
    Please respond

    Louis Jennings

    • Ibi Jay says:

      Hi Louis,
      The brokers recommended by the product creator are “rotated”. The broker which is recommended to you will depends on when you sign up, as there are about half a dozen brokers recommended by them.

  6. Kirsty Blake says:

    Hi Ibi,
    Thanks for your review. I just wanted to share with others who are thinking about buying Push Button Millionaire.. it works! I have just deposited $300 and like you sugget Ibi, I started small ($35) to get used to how the alerts work. Once you get the hang of it, making winning trades is easy. My balance is about $765, so a profit of more than $400 in three days. Does it work? Yes it does. But I also made some losses, but overall I made a profit so I’m not worried. Just remember to start small and get use to it before betting big. Also, don’t do automated trades, I prefer manual trades so I can make better judgement calls.

    • Ibi Jay says:

      Hi Kirsty,
      Thanks for your share. Good to know it’s also working for someone else!

    • nathan jordan says:

      Hi Kirsty. I just purchased the push button millionare a week ago. My first day I made a profit of $150. But I am now having a problem making profits. How and what do you mean that you have to get used to how the trades work? Im just trying to learn. Thanks for the help guys

  7. Afrim says:

    Can u show my how this work

    • Ibi Jay says:

      Hi Afrim,
      Simply register your name, then depending on your broker – deposit the minimum amount. This will then activate your software application, watch the live alerts and put down trades that are shown as profitable ones according to the push button millionaire software.

  8. Sophia says:

    Hello Ibi Jay,

    I am following your blog for 5 days now, and I was actually looking for updates. How’s the software working for you at the moment? and how’s the withdrawals going on?

    Kindly Advise.


  9. Noelle says:

    How easy was it to transfer money I to your own account to use your profit?

    • Ibi Jay says:

      Transferring money, either to deposit or making withdrawals, is straightforward. You shouldn’t have a problem with it. Submit a support ticket if you need help.

  10. Noelle says:

    Is there anyway that you could end up losing money with this program?

  11. haytham says:


    I sign up with Pushbutton and with
    broker BANC54 so how it will works, how i make system automated and how can assistance me ?

  12. Noelle says:

    Thanks for your response, my other question was…how hard is it to transfer your earning into your personal account?

  13. Noelle says:

    Also if you decide it is not working for you, how do you get out of it? Any idea?

    • Ibi Jay says:

      Activating the account requires a minimum deposit, depending on your recommended broker. But usually it is about $200-$50. If you decide to opt out after joining, simply make a withdrawal.

  14. haytham says:

    First time

  15. Meldrin says:

    Hey Ibi,
    Thank you for your review
    Can you tell me around what time will i recieve the signals? since i work and will be busy most of the time could you tell me around what time should i be alert! Just incase i am prepared to take the trades, i hope it is only during new york market hours! Because i am from India, and new york market hours are perfect for me, they are just after my work. and Close before i go to bed,
    Thank you 🙂

  16. Lucas says:

    I am already registered in pushbutton but i have problem to login on banc54 account by the pushbutton page. there is no problem to do it on brokers page. do you know what can be a reason ? thanks

  17. Vince says:

    I signed up with BeeOptions and then after a few trades the PushButton software stopped working or can no longer login to the Broker..Please Help!

    • Ibi Jay says:

      Hi Vince, someone else asked this question.. simply submit a help ticket and they should be able to help you.. I had this problem with my login but they fixed it within 24 hours.

  18. Dan says:

    The minimum was $500.00 and are you telling me the fully automated really doesn’t make money because I don’t have time to watch this all day.

    • Ibi Jay says:

      Hi Dan, live alerts are received when the markets are open. Although it can be automated, personally, I’d like to watch it live. By doing so it has increased my winnings.

      • Hal says:

        Hi Ibi, I like your site, and interest in Helping us.
        When you “watch it live” and are personally making the trades, – do you use any market analysis indicators in deciding to go with the auto-signals or not. Or maybe to skip trading some of the signals? Thank you.

        • Ibi Jay says:

          Hi Hal, personally I like to watch the alerts “live”. Also, I don’t trade consecutively. After a win, I wait for several trades to pass before putting money again. I experience fewer losses this way.

  19. Olivia Barkely says:

    Thanks for the review, I would like to personally thank you Ibi for guiding me through this, firstly from your honest review and secondly showing me step by step on how to increase my winnings after buying Push Button Millionaire.. I am on my fourth day and already mae over $500 profit! It’s hard to believe, but this stuff worked for me!

  20. Brutus says:

    Hi Ibi….I’ve been looking around to read peoples thoughts for about a week now but I’m so happy to run across you. I feel more comfortable about maybe trying out this Push Button software..My job is about to shut down so I want to make extra money online and can’t afford to be scammed by scammers..If you can help me out in any way please do so…Thanks again

    • Ibi Jay says:

      Hi Brutus,
      This software worked for me.. I suggest you start trading small amounts first and always watch the live trades. Once you get the hang of how it works, then you can start trading bigger amounts. If you do this carefully enough, your probability of winning is good (in my case around 70%). So be patient with the signals, do not rush into trading and wait for a couple of trades after a winning one. Good luck!

  21. Richard says:

    Hi Ibi, i registered on the system since two day and don’t know how to operate the system. When i have to push on the «trade now» button!!!
    If you can help me , i’ll appreciate.
    thank you so much for your help.

  22. Cliff says:

    Is it safe

  23. Luka says:

    Is there any video on how to use the software?I went ahead and signed up with the free software but havent put any money in my account yet. Do i have to trade using the software while i am logged in or do i trade on tge actual site that im registered with using the softwares predictions? im trying to figure how this works. please help

  24. Luka says:

    And by the way can i trade using this software on the 60sec option and the other options instead of the longer waiting periods?

  25. Ben says:

    I tried this and can honestly say it works, well for me it did! Made about $225 profit on the first day! I made 5 trades on the first day, made two losses and three wins- with overall profit of about $225. Ibi, can I ask you how you made your withdrawals? Amount and frequency of withdrawals. I also joined the same broker as you. So for anyone still wondering if this software works, it does, but do expect to make a few losses, but overall you should make a profit.

  26. Suraya says:

    Hi Ibi Jay,

    What is the software like? Is it the alerts from the binary option company? I don’t received any software from the Pushbuttonmillionaire. Please help..

    • Ibi Jay says:

      The software is a web based application, or a mobile app.. You simply sync it with your binary option company, then you will be sent alerts via the software and able to trade directly from the software. Have you made your minimum deposit to activate your Push Button Millionaire software?

  27. Suraya says:

    How do I trade accurately using the software? Any tips? Thank u in advance

  28. Danny says:

    Hi Ibi Jay,

    Thanks for your website and info. I am Danny from Mauritius. 1-Can this work for me? 2-How can I retrieve the profit from the trading account to my personal bank account? 3-My time zone is (UTC+04:00), during what time of the day will I have to trade manually? 4-Can I retrieve the initial amount at any time and close the account?

    Thanking you beforehand for your help and best regards,

  29. samuel says:

    today is saturday and i am trying to deposit the sum of250 dollars with the broker that was recommended for me which beeoption but it keeps telling me invalid amount so i want to know if this is happening because today is saturday

    • wesley washington says:

      might have to do with the type of card you use. when i first tried to deposit using my fasfa card (student card) it wouldnt work in fact it told me the same thing. so i went and make a us bank account and that card worked

  30. samuel says:

    again do the trade go on during the weekends

  31. Jack says:

    Hi Ibi,

    Does the push button millionaire alert VIA email? Or it the alerts will show on the software advising what trade do take?

    I just signed up to the platform haven’t made deposit yet. It says no open trades at the moment.

    Is this is normal because I did not start trading yet?


  32. Derrick Anderson says:

    Hi Ibi. Thanks for your informative review. I would like to know if the alerts can be accessed through your mobile phone AND your desktop or can it be accessed through ONLY one. Also is there any special instructions to sync the software with your phone or PC. I’m also interested to know if you have a blog or some other way I can follow you. Thanks and God Bless.

  33. Mick Howarth says:

    Hi Ibi
    I am just pondering on if I should make a deposit with the broker, I have been stung by a broker in New York and don’t want this to happen again. I live in England and lost around 11,000 dollars. this was with a broker telephoning me and telling me what to trade on. During what time do the alerts arrive assuming this is a trader from the east coast of America. The trader that has been recommended uses a bank based in Cyprus.
    Best regards, Mick Howarth

  34. Ray says:

    Ibi Jay
    I am interested in your mentoring.
    I would also like to know if ush button millionaire really works ?

    please email me

  35. Derrick Anderson says:

    Hi Iby. I see you emailed Mick about mentoring him. I would like that also. Can you please email me. Thanks.

  36. Mar says:

    Hi Ibi,

    Is this world wide?

    I am from the Philippines. Can I join the trade?
    I am so poor, can you help me with this and mentor me please?

  37. Judy Caleb says:

    Dear Ibi,
    Thank you very much for your review of the system it has helped me make a decision of signing up, I have been given Option Mint as a broker, will fund the account and start. In case i get stuck can i get in touch with you please ? would really appreciate it. Thank you once again

  38. Derrick Anderson says:

    Hi Iby. I see in your response that you emailed me about mentoring. I haven’t received the email so I am resending my email address to be sure. Thanks and I look forward to working with you.

  39. Tara Richards says:

    Hi, Can you please mentor me. I am still having the same problems and need help desperately. Thank you. Tara

  40. Jo says:

    Hi, Ibi if i give you money could you trade for me…

  41. Sophia says:

    ibi how’s your withdrawal going on?

  42. Shaun Hamilton says:

    Hi Ibi,

    I appreciate your review. There are mixed reviews online about this software. I trade Forex and a friend of mine mentioned he was also doing binary options trades. I did some research and this is how I found the software and you. If you don’t mind… I’d love to have a chat with you on how the software worked for you…What kind of trades worked best etc. I am starting with $250 USD.

  43. Django says:

    Ibi Jay I’m Django from the Quezon City, Philippines. When I signed up submitting my details of name, e-mail add, password, country and contact #, the next thing that popped up was a dialogue box saying “could not perform action: blocked registration country”. How then can I go about this problem in registering as I am eager to join and start trading to earn money? Please reply soonest. I need your help urgently.

  44. Django says:

    This is Django. I have not yet received a reply on my query why there is a “blocked registration country” when I submit my details. Is the Philippines banned for this site?

  45. Stacy says:

    Hi Ibi

    I have just signed up the PushButton Millionaire System.
    Need your help to my queries below.
    (1) is there any support team I can reach if I have queries on the PushButton?
    (2) any tutorial/ guide to this PushButton?
    (3) Once I log in the PushButton, the system will show currencies pair to Trade Now! How do I know which currency can I trade?
    (4) There is a timing below the “Trade Now” what impact does it have?

  46. Cecil says:

    thank you for your review, I’ll let you know if it will works for me.

  47. Given says:

    Hi ibi

    hi ibi please help me and mentor me too, im from south africa , im unemployed and would really use your mentoring to better my living conditions

    my email is as follows :

  48. Given says:

    hi ibi

    please advise when making trade on this application do you have to compare against the live graph signals or you just follow the signals from the software

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