Simple Paystreams Review – Waste of Time?

Welcome to my page dedicated to Simple Paystreams review. My review will reveal the truth behind this product and helps you decide whether or not it’s worth investing in Simple Paystreams. Like many others, after receiving a promotional email for it, you are proabably thinking to yourself, I might buy it… Well before you go ahead and take that credit card out of your wallet to purchase Simple Paystreams.. I want you to STOP! Listen to what I have to say below, it will save you some money!

What is Simple Paystreams?

In a nutshell, Simple Paystreams is a downloadable software that helps you to create supposibly profitable affiliate wordpress based blogs. Below is the snapshot of the front page within the member’s area:



As you can see above, the layout is very simple and easy to navigate. But what I really didn’t like was upon scrolling down the page you are literally bombarded with ‘ads’ to make the product creator more money for himself! I am being brutally honest. That in itself is a big turn off for me, which makes me think this whole product is a scam!

If you scroll down far enough, you will see a link to the download page for the software as shown in the snapshot below:



What you see above is basically what you get, in my opinion – NOTHING!  The member’s area lacked content and doesn’t really cover anything useful, I mean you can Google for this type of information and there will be tons of similar FREE stuff available on the internet. So much for originality!


Conclusion and My Honest Opinion about Simple Paystreams

My conclusion is very simple – DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! It is simply a waste of time and I don’t think it will generate any profits (if any). What the software really does is install the wordpress platform in your domain and the ability to write your content within the software. That is it! To be honest with you, this type of product doesn’t even deserve a review. But for the sake of saving people’s money, I have chosen to publish this particular review for Simple paystreams. If you insist on buying this product then go to the official site:

Do I recommend it? HELL NO! If you are looking for an alternative product that actualy works and will help you start earning money online is OMG Machines. You can read my OMG Machines review here.

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