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Welcome to my page dedicated to the review for Syndication Rockstar, a premium wordpress plugin that promises to bring you more traffic and support your SEO efforts.

When it comes to SEO, evryone knows it is very important to get ranked for bigger profits. So if you own a website or thinking about creating one, then this SEO tool might be the most important purchase you will ever make. It has saved me a lot of time after utilizing Syndication Rockstar for a couple of my sites.

I purchased it for $67 and below are my personal thoughts about the product.


My thoughts and personal opinions

If I was to summarize Syndication Rockstar, it is a plugin that will give you more traffic, improved rankings and better authority. After installing Syndication Rockstar you will get access to six tabs, which are summarized below:

After installing, there are 6 tabs included in Syndication Rockstar:

  1. Spin and Syndicate: This is where you spin your own article (or after grabbing them) to make them unique and therefore ranked better.
  2. Settings: You can set up how you want your article spinner to do and also settings for drip service.
  3. Accounts: This is where you store your account details for web 2.0 sites such as blogger etc. The reason is so that Syndication Rockstar can automatically post your new posts to these sites and therefore creating backlinks automatically.
  4. Submmission History
  5. Process Queue: This is to check the status of your syndication submission. Similar to indexing of sites to search engines.
  6. Support: Any support help can be directed here. But with the popularity of the plugin, you might have to be patient with a response.


  • Create posts fast, simply do one and then let the software create many more with backlinks
  • Traffic will be plenty after submitting your syndicated post
  • Article spinner is top noch, making your article unique and fully editable before posting
  • Put your authorship with every post, making it harder for people to steal your content
  • Quality links to help improve natural/organic SEO ranking
  • Get your posts indexed fast owing to quality PR backlinks
  • Rank faster and higher
  • Time saver and money saver


  • You will need small fundings to have host your own domain. I would guess around $10.
  • There are lots of options within the plugin itself, so you might have to spend some time to properly understand it so that you can use it to your advantage.

Overall, I recommend you purchase Syndication Rockstar if you want your SEO efforts to be pretty much on autopilot. I have saved a lot of time after utilising this plugin. The fact that this page of mine getting ranked shows that it does work. I definitely recommend you take your time to fully understand the features by exploring it after purchase. I have purchased similar products in the past which has costed me more than $100, even one for $200. Therefore purchasing Syndication Rockstar for $67 is a bargain, in my opinion. To purchase Syndication Rockstar, please go to the official site by clicking on link below:


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