The Auto SMS System Review – What is it all about?

The Auto SMS System by Craig James


The Auto SMS System Review

Product Name = The Auto SMS System

Price = $1997

Creator = Craig James

Release Date = 29th February 2012

Before I start writing anything about The Auto SMS System, let me remind you this product cost $1997! That is right a whopping $1997!!  Now, personally I have never seen any internet marketing product as expensive as The Auto SMS System.  But with that said, people normally expects a very high quality product if the price is so high.

Now, let me make it clear to you – I didn’t buy this product, it was way too expensive.  I asked for a quick preview of the product instead and this is the reply I got from the creator Craig James:

The video sales page pretty much explains exactly what you will be getting if you purchase The Auto SMS System.  At this high price, one would expect nothing to be left untold.  To summarize what you will be getting, he told me the following:

  1. Detailed proven campaign examples from affiliate programs: This is where Craig James will show real life examples of the campaigns he uses currently to generate $3000 per day on auto-pilot using CPA affiliate programs.
  2. How to easily market any product or service using the system: He will show a special technique that allows anybody using the Auto SMS System to produce leads and ultimately sales for any product.  He mentioned that the system works for high end products as well as low end products.  You can even sell products directly for more profits.
  3. The complete Auto SMS software system: The actual Auto SMS System software, which you are paying the big bucks for.  According to  Craig, you can send up to 50,000 text messages per day.  There are video training to go with this.
You will also be able to receive unlimited live support via phone, email and skype.  I think this is a must for a high end product like this.

My opinions on The Auto SMS System:

Now like I said before, I didn’t purchase The Auto SMS System.  I have only been told via email by Craig James, he was also reluctant to even give me preview access and I fully understand this due to the high price tag.  In my honest opinion, only buy The Auto SMS System is you can afford it.  The way I look at it, purchase the product if your gut instinct trust Craig James.  With that being said, I am contemplating to purchase this myself as I have never seen any system claiming to be able to send up to 50,000 SMS per day.  Having the capability to do that, in my mind is gold.  Like I said, it is totally up to you to purchase it or not.  Just don’t blame me if you don’t like it, as I never got to see or purchased the product.  And of course, I would like to make a disclaimer sentence saying: “buyer are to purchase this product at their own risk, I will not be held responsible for anything relating to The Auto SMS System”.

If you wish to purchase The Auto SMS System, go to the official site: