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Hello and welcome to my The Third Way Review page.  As always, my primary aim is to help other internet marketers like yourself make your own decision whether or not this newly released product is for you.

Note: This is my review page, you can elect to go straight to the official The Third Way site.

What I usually do is to purchase the product on launch day and straight away publish my review on it including my opinions of it.  During the lifetime of my website, I didn’t recommend a total of four products to date.  So remember, I don’t always recommend every product!  Make sure you read my conclusion at the bottom which may ultimately help you.  I always start off saying that pretty much all of the internet marketing products are tools for you to make money online.  Don’t expect to get a “push-button” software that will miracously make you a millionaire overnight.  I learnt in first hand. But the tools does make it easier for you to earn money online than ever before. 

My The Third Way Review:

OK, I have just purchased the newly released product called “The Third Way” by the creators Rich Williams and Chris X.  So please read my review:

I bought it for a price of $49, so I was suprised they didn’t give me a discount that usually comes with most internet products when you try to exit.  But I have some of my subscribers saying to me that they were offered a discounted price.  So my advice is to always try exiting and you may get offered a discounted price!

Below is the snapshot of the page after I ordered The Third Way:


In summary, The Third Way is all about getting traffic from search engines like Google from using IMAGES.  As the product name suggests (The Third Way), it is about an alternative way of gaining traffic than the usual way (eg article search).

Note: This is my review page, you can elect to go straight to the official The Third Way site.

To me it makes sense, if you do it like the majority of people, there is way too much competition for SEO the normal way, making it harder to rank on search terms, especially for newbies.  That is why you have seen people using other alternatives for ranking on Google.  One good example is using videos via Youtube and other sites to rank.  Even this has become slightly competitive as more people are aware of it. 

If you buy The Third Way, you will be told Step by Step on how to rank highly using images.  According to some sites I’ve researched, image search account for about 15-20% of searches.  So it is still somewhat a significant portion, especially if it’s targetted.  Secret techniques on how to optimise images for first page ranking on Google, pretty much within a couple of hours will be revealed. 

Advantages of the secret technique shown in The Third Way:

  • Free traffic via organic search via images that also comes up in normal search
  • Less competition, therefore much easier ranking
  • Targetted traffic what can bring you money if you are promoting affiliate products

My opinion on The Third Way:

Overall, I recommend you buying The Third Way.  The sales page is a little over hype, which is usually the case with most products, but I honestly found the content to be very good.  I must admit, I didn’t even think about using “image search” to rank and profit.  I did a quick test using the blueprint shown in The Third Way, and it worked!  The technique shown in The Third Way definitely helped me rank with some initial tests.  So there goes yet another review by me. 

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