Traffic Fortune Review – The Absolute Truth!

So you heard about Traffic Fortune? Who hasn’t, we’ve all been bombarded with promotional emails. A lot of us would see it as anoter one of those product released that promises a lot. But will Traffic Fortune actually help you make money? Well, you’ve come to the right place as I’ve just purchased Traffic Fortune and as usual will do an honest unbiased review. Please note that the opinions expressed on this page is solely mine! If you have any questions about Traffic Fortune, simply ask in the comment box right at the bottom of this page…

What is the concept of Traffic Fortune?

Essentially, Traffic Fortune is all about making money using viral videos on Facebook. The technique is not new, but many people swears that it still works.

What do I actually if I buy Traffic Fortune?

After purchasing Traffic Fortune, you will get access to the member’s only area. I took a snapshot of the member’s area, see below:

traffic fortune members area main

As you can see from the above, you are greeted with an overview video, explaining what Traffic Fortune is all about. Above the welcome video are several tabs:

Module 1:

This covers a step by step training on how to use the method of making money using viral videos on Facebook.

Done For You Campaigns:

This section contains 20 preloaded videos that you can use straight away to upload to your Facebook accounts.

There are other tabs, but I won’t go through it, because it is simply there to promote other people’s product! I hate it when marketers do this, I think it’s OK to promote other stuff, but don’t over do it and ONLY recommend good products, not crappy stuff!


Do I recommend you buy Traffic Fortune? My answer is NO! Though I don’t think it’s a scam, honestly I don’t think it is worth your investment. So my advice is STAY AWAY from it! Traffic Fortune is unfortunately another product that I will be filing under “BAD PRODUCT REVIEWS” category. A lot of people are asking me, what is my top recommended product.. in my opinion is OMG Machines. Check out my OMG Machines review here.

If you still insist on purchasing Traffic Fortune, then click here to go to the official site. But do so at your own risk! If you have any questions relating to Traffic Fortune or any other make money from home program, feel free to leave a comment below or email me at

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