I bought your e-book in May last year read it through a couple of times before starting it begining of June. I weighed 14-st and had a stomach 37-inch round, I now weigh a little over 12-st and i've lost 4 inches off my stomach. I'd tried low carb, low fat, extremely low calorie diets mixed with running but it never seemed to work and now I know why! Everything makes sense now. As for the workouts, they're really challenging - never sweat so much!! I've never been fitter or stronger than what I am now, everybody says how well I look. I can't thank you enough your book is an absolute bargain.

Many thanks

Ashley Thompson, England


I ordered your 'Truth About Six Pack Abs' online a couple weeks ago. I have been doing some of the beginner and intermediate level workout routines. HOLY CRAP, those workouts get me sweating like nothing else. I especially love/hate the squat presses and renegade rows. I'm also starting to get the hang of your diet methods, which are actually more enjoyable than the way I used to eat. Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for the useful info and your obvious care for healthy lifestyles of your readers. Thanks again.

Kyle LeDoux, Santa Clarita, CA

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Help You To Lose Weight And Get Six Pack Abs Fast

There are several people who need to lose fat. Several of these individuals have tried countless diets along with other products without any luck. These individuals do not need to get discouraged while there is expect everyone. But, the reality regarding Abs program will be the right choice for you. Mike Geary with Truth about abs program is the man behind this system. The Truth About Abs full review and details will review the minuses and pluses of this wonderful system that combines muscle mass building with weight loss.

This program is a wonderful body fat loss system written by an expert fitness trainer, Mike Geary. In this training system, you will find rich things that might shock you physically and mentally at the same time. In the Truth About Abs book, Mike claims that the only way to lose stomach fat and get awesome looking abs for both women and men is to actually lose overall body fat.

Truth About Abs

The author is a guy names Mike Geary. He is a certified nutritionist and personal trainer that is very well known in the states. I have researched the guy on the internet and found out he contributes regularly to magazines: Muscle and Fitness and Oxygen. Mike also holds a science degree so I guess he knows what he is talking about. Knowing these facts, in my opinion is very important to give Truth About Abs some credibility.

Personally, I wouldn’t purchase a book written by some who is unqualified about the topic. But the author For Truth About Abs has some credibility.

– This Guide Takes You Over the Process Regarding Learning:

* The best nutrition diets.

* Comprehensive ab muscles and cardio workouts.

* What you must be eating to increase your fat burning capacity.

* Which beverages to stop because many individual either harm one’s body or minimize the fat reducing process.

* Secial workout routines to get 6 pack abs and muscle.

* The main guide is divided into split important parts and I can take you through the two main focus of the plan to get Tremendous abs, Eating routine and Training.

– What Does Truth About Abs Say About Abdominal Exercises:

Abdominal exercises are the culprits on why you have a flabbybelly. Think of this way. When a person thinks he or she has a belly unattractive, immediately goes into standby mode and engage in various ab-strengthening workouts. However you do not want to strengthen the abdominal muscles as a boxer. What we want is to get rid of the fat that is covering your abs. And you will not be able to do that if you engage in abdominal workouts. You can only do that if you go to a fat burning program that remove fat from all parts of your body.

1. Daily Diet

Some foods that burn fat contained in the e-book program are foods that can be found already in the dining room table. Let me mention some as fish, eggs, apples, oatmeal, nuts and milk.

Whenit comes to the daily diet, it has a formula calculated to measure the protein’s amount, carbohydrates and healthy sources for your body, and a full list of what to eat for dinner, lunch and breakfast during the training’s days, as well as days off (as it has 2-3 days of training and rest days 4-5 in a week).

2. Workout

Training comes with a training intensity from 30 to 45 minutes of high, 2-3 times a week sessions. The goal of each training session is to increase the metabolic rate (for gain muscle and lose fat). This is also convenient if you have a busy schedule, because there will be a long training time. This is the new trend of the best weight loss programs – short training. However, for maximum impact fat burning, you must combine exercise routines recommended to the daily diet.

Some of the exercises in this program are maybe known to you already, since most workout routines use free weights (dumbbells, barbells, and other free weighted objects). And Truth About Abs system explains each workout effectively. However if you are beginner to some of the exercises, you’ll need help from someone who understand how to execute them properly.

 – Pros:

* It is a wonderful program that incorporates all modern dietary and environmental factors into account to ensure the effective exercise.

* No need to strictly control their diet, although they are taught what foods are best to eat and which ones are best to avoid in order to have a healthy lifestyle and lose belly fat.

* Help to dispel a number of myths related to the elimination of belly fat and lose weight, the myths that have prevented people from exercising.

* No need to purchase costly exercise or weightlifting machines for the program, as all of the exercises are quite simple to do.

* It doesn’t deal with the belly fat alone but helps those looking to tone their abs to work thecore in order to tone all of the muscles around their body at the same time.

* Has been proven to be effective by thousands individualsaround the world.

– Cons:

The main disadvantage is that the program requires a good deal of persistence and determination to strengthen the abdominal muscles strong. Those who are not interested in doing the hard work and regular exercise is that the program is not for them, so try this program only if they are dedicated to working hard to build the abdominal muscles.

After check the truth about abs review and details above, we can understand that this system is a very effective method for those who are serious about losing belly fat and get six pack you have always dreamed of. The exercises are very stringent and are designed to precisely target the abs. The part of the diet e-book provides, in detail, a complete diet those who use the program. The only way that the Truth About Abs program will not work is if users do not closely follow the program. As we know, there are no shortcuts to losing fat. To purchase Truth About Abs, remember there is a 60 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, go to official site:

Truth About Abs official site