Twin Peak Profits Review Uncovers Truth


When it comes to making money online, most people will agree that owning your own space in the internet real estate is the key to online success. The space I am referring to is of course websites or blogs. But many people fail to create profitable websites owing to their lack of technical knowledge. For those that do own websites or blogs, many fail to realize it’s full potential by not monetizing it effectively. This is where Twin Peak Profits comes into play according to the sales pitch… it is a platform that allows you to create highly optimized and profitable websites literally within minutes. To many internet marketers, the ability to create profitable websites quickly and effectively will be highly regarded. This post is dedicated to Twin Peak Profits review, outlining the good and the bad of this newly released product. Is Twin Peak Profits a scam or is it the real deal? Hopefully my review will provide you with the necessary information so that you can make your own judgement.

Product Overview

Title = Twin Peak Profits

Official Site =

Release Date = 1st January 2013

Price = $47

Twin Peak Profits Review

Essentially, Twin Peak Profits is an web based software/tool that lets the users create highly optimized and more importantly profitable websites. All you have to do is fill in the necessary forms: STEP by STEP! After a few mouse clicks and literally minutes after, you will have a website that is ready for you to monetize from.

I will show you each of the steps involved with Twin Peak Profits in creating the profitable websites below, so please continue reading.

By the way, the picture below is the snapshot of the main member’s area:

I found that the member’s area was very easy to navigate, so you shouldn’t have any problems when setting up your websites using Twin Peak Profits even if you are a complete beginner. The steps required to set up your websites are shown below:

Creating a campaign

For each website that you create, you will have to set up different campaigns. This makes sense when it comes to managing multiple websites. To create your campaign, you simply click on the “add a campaign” button and simply give it a name so that you can refer to it easily later.

After a campaign is created, you will be shown a campaign wizard section. Basically it is forms that you have to fill in (in order) so that the Twin Peak Profits software can gather the necessary information and automatically create your highly optimized affiliate websites. To be honest, I was impressed with this section as it was layed out in the right order and very user friendly.

Steps within the campaign wizard are:

  1. Choosing Clickbank products – the software will automatically retrieve all related products to promote according to your search parameter.
  2. Choosing Amazon products – this action is similar to choosing Clickbank products.
  3. Enter desired keywords – you can even import a list of keywords that you want to target, “eg dog training etc”and this tool will allow you see the popularity of the chosen keywords and start to filter the ones that you actually want.
  4. Article finder – for this part, Twin Peak Profits will automatically find you articles that you can publish on your site to get content and search engine rankings. A really good feature for this part is the ability to “spin” the article so that it is unique in the eyes of Google. You will also be able to edit and modify the retrieved articles so that you are happy on how it looks like.
  5. CPanel configuration – this is where you set your CPanel settings, eg page titles, your domain names etc etc.  Also another important part is setting up your affiliate details, for example for Clickbank etc so that you can get paid commissions when people buy the promoted products through your website. So make sure your details are correct, otherwise you won’t get paid!
  6. Summary – this quickly summarizes the setting and parameters you have set so that you can review and make any changes if required.
  7. And once you are happy with everything, you simply hit install and Twin Peak Profits software will automatically create your website and you are ready to go!

Generating Traffic With Twin Peak Profits

What I really like about Twin Peak Profits is not only it will automatically create you highly optimized websites, but you will also have access to tools that will generate you lots of traffic. I found that once you start to generate a little bit of traffic, Google will soon start to rank your websites naturally. Just pay attention to the titles of your articles and make sure it is targeted for your chosen keywords.

The tools that will be available for you in Twin Peak Profits are:

  • Site indexer
  • YouTube traffic
  • Keyword research
  • Domain finder

Conclusion and My Honest Opinion

Overall, I definitely recommend Twin Peak Profits for people who are serious in making money with affiliate marketing but has no real technical skills. Twin Peak Profits will create you the affiliate website blogs fully optimized to promote Clickbank and Amazon products. Make sure you focus also building traffic as suggested in Twin Peak Profits to really maximize your earning potential. My personal advice if you purchase Twin Peak Profits is to build as many sites as you can with your own personal domain space and be patient with the ranking of your affiliate sites. In the long run, it does have the potential to make you money consistently over time. To purchase Twin Peak Profits please go to the official site:

Go to Twin Peak Profits official site


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  1. wiwik says:

    Hi Ibi,
    I received an email about this and i purchased this product. I am newbie in internet marketing. what should I do after I purchased the product? how to get and use the product after I purchased? how do the way I login to the member area? Thanks.

    • Ibi Jambol says:

      Hi Wiwik,
      As far as I know, this product is not yet available until later today. May I please know where you purchased Twin Peak Profits from? Once I know, I may be able to help you with your query. Thanks Ibi

  2. ken says:

    pls am based in nigeria, i do i get my earnings transferferd to me & trainnings, and hope my location qualifies me to be a part of this once in a llife time opportunity.

    pls do reply me thanks kenneth

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