WP Pipeline Review – Is It Useful?

I have just been given early access to WP Pipeline by Tony Marriot and Ben Shaffer. The product will be officially launch on 27th November, so I want to thank you the creators for giving me this special early access.

WP Pipeline will enable you to mass control your multiple blogs in the one master WordPress platform login. This is very handy for people who own multiple blogs (like myself). So no more individually logging into each blog (via wp-admin login) to make changes. You will be able to control everything from the one master login! This is so much help to me and I am sure you will find it very useful and will save you a lot of time. With WP Pipeline, you will be able to “mass update” to all of your blogs, for example – adding plugin to all of your blogs with one simple click, rather than logging into each wp-admin blog logins individually.

Below is my video walkthrough of WP Pipeline:

NOTE: If the video is not showing properly, simply click on the “full screen” mode (bottom right hand corner) to view it properly. After the video has finished, just hit ‘esc’ button to return to this page.

[jwplayer file=”http://recommendedstuff.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/WPPipeline%20Review.swf”]

Conclusion and My Honest Opinion

Owning multiple blogs, I found this to be a really helpful tool. The fact that you can control ALL of you blogs with just one sign in is amazing. It is definitely a timesaver and avoids the need to remember multiple passwords! I didn’t know this type of resource actually existed. To be honest with you, it makes it very easy for to do ‘mass’ changes such as deleting plugins and installing new plugins to multiple blogs. It takes all the tedious tasks out by combining the control of multiple blogs in the one place. So who is going to benefit from WP Pipeline? Definitely for those who owns more than one blog/website. The more blogs you won, the more you will appreciate WP Pipeline! To purchase WP Pipeline, simply go to the official site:

Go to the official WP Pipeline site

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